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Er, is someone feeling broody? We could reel off a whole host of mumsy-style celebs, but never, ever, did we expect to find Jennifer Aniston about the roll off the tongue.

Alas, she rocked up to her Hollywood hand ceremony in a printed peasant Prada dress, and here we are, about to call her frumpy.

Let’s start with the positives. The dress itself is cute – there’s a sweet mix of pastel shades, an interesting print, pretty floaty sleeves and plenty of ruffles. In fact, on anyone else, we’d probably be all for it.

But here’s our problem. This is Jennifer Anniston, Jen, our favourite friend, she-who-only-ever-wears-black-and-nude-and-still-makes-strappy-sandals-hot. The woman who, at 42, never fails to make an appearance looking anything less than LA sexy.

And here she is wearing a dress to inaugurate herself in the Hollywood hall of fame that looks like something Jessica Alba would wear on a school run.

With a bod like that, it should be scientifically impossible for our Jen to ever look frumpy, but this dress, nipping in under her bust with ample room, sits pouffy and makes her look like mutton when we all know she’s a lustful little lamb.

We’ve been waiting for Jen to try a new formula for ages, but y’know, we can’t wait for her to race back into something black and body con asap.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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