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We all want to maintain the perfect complexion throughout the year, but as the weather shifts, drops, rises and changes it can feel like the seasons are working against us.

We ask a lot from our skin as the year progresses; we want it to evolve with the weather to give us everything from the perfect sun-kissed summer tan to the quintessential Christmas rosy cheeks, but the best results require more than a splash of factor 30 when temperatures spike. If you want your skin to adapt and embrace the seasons then you have to adapt your skin care routine too by visiting experts, like Mrs Pharmacy, to keep your skin care products well stocked. So what should you do to keep up with the weather?

There’s a magic in the air in winter that helps us to love those dark, rainy days and cold, long nights, but that magic isn’t quite enough to help your skin bare the effects of the icy wind. Instead of fresh, rosy cheeks, a lack of vitamins and exposure to the elements can cause dry, itchy skin that can really dampen our mood during the festive season.

What To Eat – Simply altering your diet can hold the key to a clear complexion. Stodgy comfort food can be a necessity on a blustery night, but make sure you still build up your skin’s defences by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Oily fish is also a great way to get Omega 3 into your system which is a huge support to your skin.

What To Do – Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Letting dry skin build up on your face doesn’t just lower your confidence, it also decreases your skin’s ability to retain moisture and allows toxins to build up. Find an exfoliator with spherical beads that won’t scratch or damage your skin.

What To Wear – It goes without saying that moisturiser is your best weapon in the fight against dry skin. Avoid any products with harsh chemicals like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate that strip the skin of natural oils – instead, choose Shea butter, safflower oil and vitamin E.

Be honest, as much as we might enjoy winter spring is always a kind of relief. The weather warms up, the flowers start to bloom and we can all throw open our doors and get back outside. As the most subtle of the seasons your skin care routine will be decidedly more relaxed.

What To Do – Exfoliation is still at the heart of your beauty regiment. Make sure you exfoliate around once per week to maintain an even complexion, and avoid direct sun exposure to ease your skin into the warmer weather without risking damage.

What To Wear – Use lightening products that will prepare your skin for summer and consider a light acid peel for some intense exfoliation to help your skin retain moisture.

Sun Kissed Summer
When the sun really starts to shine it can be easy to forget about skin care and dive right into sun bathing and trying to achieve the perfect tan, but without proper precautions you can easily end up with painful burns instead of a healthy glow.

What To Eat – Increasing your water intake is essential during the summer to combat moisture loss through perspiration and dehydration.

What To Do – Because of the heat you don’t just sweat when you exert yourself, you can also find your pores clogged with perspiration when going about simple day to day tasks. Keeping up your regular exfoliation stops excess sweat on your skin causing break outs so make it a priority, especially when you’re going to be exercising.

What To Wear – SPF protection is a must to avoid sun damaged skin. Don’t fall into the trap of only using protection when you’re on holiday, damaging UV rays can harm our skin in the cooler UK too, even when we don’t notice it. Use skin products that protect against UVA, UVB and infra-red rays so you are completely protected, and layer your sun protection throughout the day as sweating can cause it to wash away.

Autumn is a time of transition rather than intensity. Our bodies sense the change in the season, causing our metabolism to slow down and our skin to become dryer and paler. Autumn is all about preparing your skin for the colder months which means a shift from your summer skin care.

What To Do – The shift towards cold causes skin to lose its vitality, exfoliate your skin more often to help it cope with the shift and stay healthy, and consider having an end of summer skin consultation with an ex pert to check on its condition.

What To Wear – It’s time to take action to build up your skins defences, use face masks to help your skin cope with the dryness that comes with winter and add essential oils into your routine for a bit of extra nourishment.

With some careful considerations of your beauty routine there’s no reason why stunning skin should escape you, simply make defence your offence to avoid seasonal problems.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of Mrs Pharmacy, a leading supplier of health and beauty products with a fantastic skin care collection to help you manoeuvre through the changing seasons.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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