Want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way for a stress-free December this year? If you’re looking for a colouring book with a difference for either a fashion forward child or general fashionista, maybe you could consider this one from Hermès

As brilliant at this is, it is essentially still just a colouring book and at $135 for just 12 pages (and 24 images) to play/colour with, we don’t think this is something you should give your toddler. Katie Holmes might consider buying one for little Suri, if she hasn’t already, but otherwise this is strictly for adults, or at least, those old enough to appreciate the beauty of what they are colouring. Staying inside the lines has never been more advised as all the images are iconic Hermès products that deserve lots of TLC.

We know we would love being able to play fashion designer and customise our very own Hermès pieces. A My Fashion Life designed Birkin? Yes please!

[Refinery 29] 


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