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One of the many perks of working here at My Fashion Life is the fact that we don’t only mingle with some of the hottest names in fashion, we get to chat to them, too. 

We came away from some interviews this year feeling motivated, humbled and grateful, and others feeling ever so slightly jealous at just how much they’d achieved. And when we interviewed Elle Macpherson, add ‘being in awe of her utter perfection’ to the list, too.

But in case you missed any of the secrets they shared, we’ve rounded up our favourite five interviews of the year. Believe us, it was a tough choice.

Diane von Furstenberg

Meeting and interviewing Diane von Furstenberg was like meeting royalty – which isn’t so far from the truth, as it happens.

We felt like we got a real insight into what it’s like in the world of the great Diane, as she talked us through her favourite wardrobe pieces, colours (note: she loves them all) and, of course, her brand new collection for H.Stern. We even got to try a piece on – drool!

She could totally be our new BFF.


Mulberry’s Emma Hill

A design genius if ever there was one, our interview with Mulberry’s Emma Hill didn’t disappoint.

Not only did we get an insight into Mulberry (the book), we also got an insight into Emma’s personal reading tastes were. We love how she was partial to the odd cheesy romance novel every now and again too!

A bit surreal having a chinwag with the visionary behind some of the most lust-worthy bags of our time, but a moment we’ll treasure forever.


Lungta de Fancy designer Mai Marimoto

Who wouldn’t want to interview a designer whose client list boasts the likes of Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna? We loved interviewing Mai Marimoto who, despite being on the verge of celebrating Lungta de Fancy’s 10th anniversary, was one of the most humble designers with the same dedication to her customers as when she first started out.

Having a chat inside her swish Bond Street store was dangerous for our bank accounts, though – we wanted virtually everything we clapped our eyes on.


Elle Macpherson and the BINTM judges

There were both good and bad sides to interviewing Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson. The good was, of course, the opportunity to chat to the world’s most perfect woman, but the bad was having to see her flawlessness in person… if there’s one model that doesn’t need an ounce of airbrushing, it’s Elle.

Not only did we get the chance to pose our questions to Elle and fellow BINTM judges Julien Macdonald, Grace Woodward and Charley Speed, we also got to see the very first episode new series from the London Soho Hotel’s very glamorous cinema room – thanks!


Valerie van der Graaf

On the other side of the spectrum was Valerie van der Graaf, a stunning 20-year-old Dutch model who just landed one of the most coveted jobs in the biz – a place on the cover of Lavazza’s 20th anniversary 2012 calendar.

We caught up with her at the launch in Milan and could totally see the appeal that landed her the gig.

We love how fondly she spoke of London and were pleased with her adoration for the high street and vintage shops – a girl after our own hearts!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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