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Who: Spijkers en Spijkers 

What: An eccentric, whimsical, bright and colourful collection from the Dutch twin sisters. Our invite cited “birds of paradise” so we had a feeling we would be expecting a rich and exotic colour palette. We were thinking “peacock”, and weren’t far off!

Although we totally got a 60s vibe from the hair and the music, there were slight 20s and 30s infusions in there too, especially as far as structure and draping was concerned. Bold block colours, deep shades, exotic prints and lots of horizontal stripes.

The collection wasn’t without its fair share of accessories and add-ons, as there was an abundance of fab bright headbands and plenty of fringe and feather detailing to boot!

Highlights: The music all the way! It enhanced the 60s infusions and made the audience shuffle in their seats.We also loved the open-back pieces too, as we loved the bow and fringe detailing on the back of them!

Lowlights: Were there any? We wish there were a few more exaggerated pieces to comply with the birds of paradise theme… we wouldn’t have minded if someone with a full peacock skirt emerged for the finale!

Overall: Despite struggling with the pronunciation of the brand’s name, we were really looking forward to this show due to the rave reviews it received last season. We were glad we left the confines of the press lounge at Somerset House and battled the elements to make it to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout for the show. Even though the guests were severely rained on, their spirits weren’t dampened, especially during and after the show. We think it had something to do with the feel-good music – a smile is always imminent when 60s inspired clothing and music are about.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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