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Who: Roksanda Ilincic 

What: Roksanda Ilincic’s designs are never far away from a red carpet or awards ceremony (or a First Lady or Princess – as Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge are big fans!) and although the stunning gowns that you know celebs will be fighting among themselves for were there (albeit dressed down) a large part of the collection was surprisingly more casual. That’s not to say it wasn’t utterly gorgeous and in a class of its own though.

Roksanda went slightly urban this season, as she presented fur, parkas, puffer jackets and hoodies over wide, free flowing trousers and somewhat tighter fitting pencil skirts.

Highlights: The gowns! It’s always got to be the gowns with Roksanda Ilincic! We also adored the pure, white pieces – usually reserved for spring/summer collections, we loved how Roksanda used the shade (or lack thereof) alongside the more vivid colours for that maximum contrast effect!

Lowlights: Would we be greedy if we asked for more gowns? Kate Middleton’s schedule is only going to get busier, so she will be in the market for a few more gowns, and Roksanda Ilincic is usually a failsafe choice!

Overall:  Like our invite, the collection had a lot of purple/berry shades to it, which only accentuated the richness and vividness of Roksanda’s past and present designs. As much as we are used to seeing Roksanda come out with Oscar-worthy gowns, it was nice to see her branch out into more casual, sportier waters. Huge kudos to the stylists for making even the prettiest of silky evening gowns fit the “casual” brief, although now we’d like to see the dresses on their own in all their glory. We wonder who the first celeb to step out in this collection will be… our money’s on Michelle Obama or Gwyneth Paltrow!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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