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Donna Ida has announced that she’ll be launching her very own denim collection which is set to hit stores from as early as January!

The ‘Ida by Donna Ida’ collection will predominantly consist of high waisted jeans; they’ll reportedly cost between £140 and £170 and will be sold alongside the other brands in Donna’s own stores.

“We stock so many amazing denim brands and we have no need to compete with them, but our customers just can’t seem to get enough high-waisted styles,” the denim guru told British Vogue.

“It no longer has the mumsy, hangover from Armani reputation, but a stylish, over-35-year-old customer tends to want to look sophisticated while having all the benefits of a higher waist – they are comfortable; they give you a really nice line; make you look taller; and you don’t have to worry about your stomach appearing over the top; and they look even better now that denim fabrics have developed to offer such great choice. It’s a win win.”

We could definitely get on board with this – you can never have too many high waisted jeans in your wardrobe.

Plus, we hear that blouses and T-shirts will also be up for grabs too, so you can accessorise your new jeans perfectly! Bring on January 2013!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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