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As you may know by now, Dolce and Gabbana hosted its very first Couture show in Sicily this week. But I won’t blame you for not knowing, because Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana wanted their show to be as hush hush as possible, with only the most exclusive and elitist of guests witnessing the collection.

Their reason for shrouding the event in secrecy was quite simple: their clients didn’t want to see the designs in magazines or on celebs. So, out of respect to them, the boys kindly obliged. After all, this Couture business doesn’t come cheap, and at the end of the day, it’s the aforementioned elite customers who buy the dresses, and if they aren’t happy, then there’s really no point in having a Couture line at all. Is there?

And with that reasoning, why stop there? Why draw the line at Couture? Pretty soon, we could potentially have clients calling dibs on a ready-to-wear outfit and forcing the designer to pull it out of the catwalk show. That would be rather unthinkable though, wouldn’t it?

After all, do we all go to fashion week to fill up our new season wardrobes by pointing to the garments we want and saying “yes I’ll have me one of them”? No. We go to scope out new designers, emerging trends and see what has the potential to be translated into the High Street. And where would the fun be if we didn’t have that? What would we talk about with our friends? Would we even have jobs? The questions are practically endless!

While I respect the designers for actually listening to their clients – how many people can you really say that about, eh? – I think I’d be positively devastated if Couture disappeared from our catwalks in a few years’ time. I know I can never afford Couture, or even borrow Couture (Valentino won’t even lend Chloe Sevigny a dress… but that’s a separate issue altogether) so gazing at the Couture-clad models and drooling over them in the fashion glossies and the stylish celebs on the red carpet is my only way of embracing it.

If I was one of the insanely rich clients that demanded unseen and unworn clothing, I think I’d ring the designer up on speed dial and ask for a bespoke dress… surely that would then be the best of both worlds, no?

And on a final note… if celebs were banned from wearing Couture, what on EARTH would Diane Kruger wear?! Thoughts below, please!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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