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While flicking through the Browns website earlier this week, I came across a lovely selection of slippers by Avec Moderation and was quite tempted to snap a pair up.

Just before entering the crucial credit card deets though, I stopped in my tracks and had a mini epiphany…  am I actually going to spend £200 on a pair of slippers? When do I even wear slippers? Would I let anyone see me in slippers? Surely if I had a hot date at my humble abode I’d be more tempted to slip into some six-inch heels. After all, I am not Hugh Hefner!

Obviously the boys are all for a girl lounging around in sleepwear (read: sexy lingerie courtesy of Victoria’s Secret) but last time I checked, I don’t think slippers are part of that fantasy. I quite like the androgynous feel of these Avec Moderation slippers though; after all, the trend is totally in right now and Alexa Chung is a fine example of how it can be done right. Plus, it’s a known fact that the boys are hugs fans of girls borrowing their clothes, but this usually applies to a shirt in a post-coitus situation and sadly, I don’t think these slippers have the same effect.

I’ve now got a flashback to that scene in Sex and the City where Samantha persuades Carrie to invest in those fluffy, heeled slippers to spice things up in the bedroom. Are these the 2012 version, do you reckon?

I know I’m going round in circles now, which brings me back to my initial thought… when would I actually wear these slippers? There’s something quite Princess Jasmine/Arabian nights about the ones above which make it really tempting to make a purchase, but I can’t see them being everyone’s cup of tea.

What do you guys think? Would you even wear these slippers, let alone spend £200 on a pair? Thoughts, please!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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