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There are two ways to wear skate shoes; you either wear them properly when doing kickflips and ollies but off the board, most kids prefer the casual, untied look. There’s an art to perfecting the ‘just slipped on’ look and here, we look at some practical tips for how to wear your skate shoes.

On the Board
First and foremost, if you consider yourself a pro skateboarder, you’ve got to have the shoes to match. While skate shoes have a particular design and level of durability that make them suitable for usage on a skateboard, wearing them incorrectly can have disastrous consequences. Picking the best skate shoes and knowing how to wear them will be essential to maximise both safety and performance when you’re on your skateboard.

Tying Skate Shoes
Sounds obvious but a loose lace during skating could slip into the wheels resulting in some serious accidents, not to mention embarrassment! To avoid this situation, make sure that the shoes are tied correctly before stepping on the board, for your pride’s sake if nothing else.

If it means that much to you that you don’t want laces showing, tie them behind the tongue, it will provide support while still looking good. Alternatively, tie the laces properly and cut the ends, burn those to prevent the edges from unravelling.

Off the Board
While the really cool kids prefer to wear brands like Vans, DC or Etnies without laces, this option is only acceptable if you are using those as a fashion accessory! Proper skateboarders need proper foot support and should always have the laces tied, just tuck them behind the tongue if you can’t do without the support off the board or if you just find your shoes keep falling off!

Take Proper Care of Your Skate Shoes
Your skate shoes will only deliver optimal performance if you are taking proper care of them. No one likes a pair of stinky, old trainers, particularly your skateboard, so take care of them and they’ll take care of you. The problem is, skate shoes can wear out easily, especially if you’re always on the go. Resolve this problem by buying a couple of pairs and alternating wear time. You can always buy a new pair from a reputable online retailer but extending the lifespan of the shoe through proper care is another possibility.

Take care if colouring or ripping the shoes. It may be trendy but you will be affecting the integrity of the material so choose your dyes and rips carefully!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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