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From raging to serene, rivers have their own way of charming people. Once you get looking, you will find it hard to look away and once you start exploring them, it is a complete world apart. There are some iconic rivers in the world that you should try to visit at least once in your life. When I booked my stag weekend in Newcastle via Eclipse Leisure, River Tyne was often one place I visited for a bit of serenity. So different, yet so similar, all of these rivers will leave you with distinctive memories.

So, here is a list of 10 iconic rivers in the world that attract herds of travellers to them each year:

1. Rhine

Flowing through the scenic places of France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany, it is an ideal place for planning your first-ever river cruise. If you are interested in exploring several different cultures along the way, you will surely enjoy this river. This river, known as ‘heroic Rhine’ for its dramatically fairy-tale-like scenery, is one of the most romantic places to visit.

2. Danube

Passing through ten different countries, Danube is considered to be one of the finest rivers in Europe that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a perfect destination for those who are planning to take a river-cruise for the first time. For a beautiful journey along the many beautiful countries of Europe, there is nothing better than a trip to Danube River.

3. Thames

London’s most serene and scenic river; a place of solitude for most citizens, it is also a major tourist attraction. You can also take an up close and personal cruise, going right into the deep waters and enjoy the calm beauty of the River Thames.

4. Mekong

Another river in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Laos that is 3,000 miles long, it is a good place for adventurers and experienced travellers who can handle travelling in panga boats. You can travel through its many tributaries and enjoy a trip that will be worthwhile.

5. Nile

One of the most famous rivers in history for its relation with the lost civilizations of the world, it is travelled by a large number of adventurers and history buffs each year. The river is divided in two parts, the Blue and the White Nile, spanning through Central Africa and Ethiopia while most part of it lies in Egypt. A treat for those who like history and architecture!

6. Amazon

The longest river in the world, according to a recent Brazilian and Peruvian survey is one of the major tourist attractions in the US. Winding its way through a distance of 4,980 miles and six different countries, it has a valuable diversity of flora and fauna at its banks and tributaries. Named after fierce spirited women who once lived there, the river is a wonder. You can easily get a river trip for Amazon if you want to test the waters or you can explore the banks.

7. Volga

Another of Europe’s captivating rivers, Volga, is another tourist attraction. Known for its strategic importance, the river is a major attraction for history-lovers and art buffs.

8. Yangtze

Being Asia’s largest river located in China, it has about 700 tributaries. It is a must-visit river if you are planning a trip to China. You can also book a comprehensive cruise tour of the river that takes you along most of the cities along the 4000 miles long coast of the waterway. For history buffs, it is a hidden chest of treasure.

9. Ganges

One of the most visited rivers in the world is India’s River Ganges that is the country’s pride and a religious sanctuary. Flowing from the Himalayas, passing through India and ending in Bangladesh, the river is considered holy by Hindus, majority of who travel to the Bay of Bengal part of the river from far and wide each year. A trip to this river is truly an experience to behold.

10. Seine River

A treat for romantic honeymooners and art lovers in France, it is an ideal way to go sight-seeing in Paris. You can take a cruise through the river and go on a journey you will remember for a long time. I booked my stag weekend in Newcastle via Eclipse Leisure and wished to be here with my wife on my honeymoon here.

With these iconic rivers, you can always go for a few days of fun and serenity either with your family or alone. Explore these rivers and make the most of your life.

Author Bio: CJ is a passionate traveller who loves to travel around the different locations of the world. She booked her friend’s stag weekend in Newcastle via Eclipse Leisure and found that rivers can be a complete world apart.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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