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Because of the relentless changes in preference when it comes to all things streetwear, it’s really tricky for brands to remain on-trend throughout the year, or even just for a season. All labels – established and upcoming alike – constantly face the dilemma of either evolving and transforming their style to keep up with the times, or standing their ground and remaining true to their founding individuality.

With 2017, you’ll find that the terms streetwear, menswear and sportswear will carry on becoming more interchangeable over time, unless streetwear brands begin to differentiate themselves by embracing the perishable aspect of their brand identity, whilst coming up with innovative ways to stay relevant. Without further ado, here are the top 5 brands to keep an eye out for as we begin 2017.

1. Boy London

Founded by Stephanie Raynor in 1976, BOY London still remain firmly in the spotlight all these years later. Treasured by the underground and desired by everyone else who are wanting a taste of their trademark attitude, BOY are enthused by an innate desire to constantly reinvent themselves and bring out ground-breaking new styles – whilst still holding to their original ethos. Definitely look out for BOY London’s Mens Hoodies; styles such as the BOY Eagle Flock and the BOY quilted zip hoodie are still immensely popular today.

2. Criminal Damage

With the label launching from the streets of East London in 1991, Criminal Damage have perfected their brand identity as a diverse streetwear collection for the urban shopper who craves ludicrously cool, contemporary streetwear. Be sure to browse Criminal Damage Mens Sweatshirts, an extensive range of sweatshirts draped with tongue-in-cheek graphics, intricate prints and quality detailing.

3. Scotch and Soda

Scotch & Soda remain on the more stylistic side of the spectrum with streetwear – they are consistently curious to keep developing and finding new sources of inspiration, unpredictably merging mismatched cultures and classical designs with surprising fabrics and patterns.

4. Android Hommes

Moving specifically to street footwear; born in 2008 by Javier Laval, Android Hommes have consistently brought out innovative designs, expanding their detailing, construction and quality to remain relevant. Over the past 8 years, they have refined their superior skill in producing trainers at the highest level, with them looking to reach new heights and reputation in 2017.

5. Stussy

It could be argued that this brand established the streetwear movement back in the eighties. These days, Stussy remain in the fore and continue to cultivate their legacy with collaborative collections, from the more independent time-honoured labels like Carhatt, to Nike.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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