Last Updated on 1st April 2019

Cowboy boots are one of those types of footwear that not everyone has the confidence to put on. Unless you’re in the southwest, you won’t find that many people who are wearing a pair. So, if you sport those shoes, you’ll truly stand out in a good or bad way depending on how you wear them. This guide is to help you look stylish while wearing cowboy boots.

The Different Boot Styles

There are many different kinds of western cowboy boots with various colors and designs. When you decide to wear them for the first time, you might get overwhelmed with the options you have. Browse through online shops such as to see anything you might like. Here are the five basic styles you might want to look out for:

Classic – If you’re new to wearing cowboy boots, maybe you should stick to the classic style. It’s the most common so even if not many people wear them, at least you’re wearing what’s familiar to most people. The classic western cowboy boots are usually 12 inches in height. It’s great for riding a horse or for just walking.

Stockman – The stockman style cowboy boots are similar to the classic ones. The difference is that the former is more suited for riding than the latter. It also doesn’t have laces because when people use it when riding horses, they don’t want it to get tangled with the stirrups. In case they get thrown over, they won’t get dragged or stampeded by the horse.

Roper – The roper is a modern style of cowboy boots. It’s mostly worn during rodeos when cowboys rope calves while riding a horse. Its heels are only over an inch, and the height of the boot is the lowest among other styles at just a little above the ankles.

Buckaroo – Buckaroos are tall cowboy boots that are usually at over 14 inches in height. If you like to show off your footwear, the buckaroo is a good option because it’s tall height allows lots of room for design and details.

Western Work – Western work boots are more for function rather than fashion. It has a short overall height with a large toe box and usually a steel toe. The soles are also non-slip, so there’s traction when used for work in the range.

Tips On How To Wear Them

Whether you’re looking for cowboy or cowgirl boots, you’ll find plenty of different options. Tecovas offers various kinds for both men and women, so hopefully, you’ll find one that best suits your style. Here’s are some tips to help you make a choice.

Color Coordination

Colors significantly affect the impact of a whole outfit. Some colors just don’t go well together. Western cowboy boots usually come in the hues of black or brown, but red and white colors are also available.

  • When you’re pairing the boots with jeans, the browns and blacks look great with medium or dark wash jeans.
  • If you’re wearing a patterned dress, a brown pair of boots can go well with it.
  • Light colored jeans generally don’t look great with cowboy boots.


Over or Under Your Pants

When you’re wearing skinny jeans, leggings, or tights, the boots will look great over them. It’s also a way for you to show off the elaborate designs that are on the boot because plain cowboy boots are hard to come by.

When you’re wearing the boots under your pants, make sure that there’s enough room so that the boots don’t make bulges. You can wear khakis or trousers, but make sure that they’re a bit long. The pants should have a few soft folds forming at the top of your foot. You can also wear wide-legged pants so that only the toes are peeking out from underneath.

Wear Simple Clothes

Cowboy boots are already statement pieces. Don’t go overboard on your clothes or accessories if you don’t want to overdo your look.

Wear only one western-inspired piece for your whole getup. Well, unless you live in the southwest, then that’s fine. But if not, then stick to the cowboy boots and the rest should be simple clothes like jeans, or a button-up shirt.

You can also wear boot socks. It doesn’t only protect your leg from rubbing against the boots, but they can also look cute when they stick out when you wear the boots with short dresses.

Western cowboy boots are a fashion statement that not everyone can pull off. The wearer must be confident when to be able to show other people that those boots are working for them. You might also want to wear them on occasion to make them a lot more special, rather than just using them daily, which can reduce their impact.

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