classic staples
For the first time since lockdown we’ve been feeling a bit more inspired to update our wardrobes. Partly because¬† of the easing of lockdown but mainly because summer’s around the corner. Even though with the weather being so amazing, it does feel like its summer already. But, it must be said, that with so much uncertainty right now, we’re most definitely watching our spending. So, nope we won’t be snapping up all the pieces we’ve lusted over whilst browsing our fave online stores these past few weeks. And nope we won’t be tempted by the amazing sales going on right now, even though there really are some fantastic bargains to be had right now. Instead we’ve vowed to nab a couple of classic staples that’ll stand the test of time. From a chic striped shirt to a cool white t-shirt and relaxed boyfriend jeans. Here’s some of the key pieces we’ve got our eye on…

1.  Statement dress

2. Boyfriend Jeans

3. Sandals

4. White T-shirt

5. Denim shorts

6. Striped shirt

7. Linen Trousers


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