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Wedding rings are extremely personal and unique to each couple. Whilst there isn’t as much pressure to pick a nice wedding ring as there is to choose an impressive engagement ring, a wedding ring is a final tie in the knot of uniting with the one you love, and that makes choosing the right ring essential. 

Like all elements of your wedding, there will multiple things you need to consider before settling on your final choice. For those stuck on which wedding band to choose, we’ve put together some tips for selecting the right one. 

1. Practicality 

The first thing you need to thing about is how practical your wedding ring is. If you have an understated band with little to no precious stones on it, it will be – by all accounts – practical and easy to get along with during your day-to-day activities. On the other hand, if you have a heavy stone, it could get in the way of your normal life and could get snagged on clothes or require taking off every time you wash your hands to preserve the gemstone. For some, this is simply not an option. 

Your job will also play a role in the ring you choose and how practical it is. For example, healthcare professionals are often unable to wear a ring due to the nature of their job and how they carry out their work. In this instance, it could be worth thinking about a wedding ring alternative

choosing a wedding ring

2. Sentimental Value 

It’s common for rings to get passed down through generations of families, including wedding rings. Before splurging on a brand new ring, think about whether you want your rings to have a sentimental value. If so, it’s worth seeing if there are any wedding rings in your family that can be passed down to you and your loved one. 

It might be that there are other rings such as eternity rings or engagement rings, or maybe even infinity rings, that you can re-purpose into a wedding ring. You could take the stones or melt the metal into a different form to create something new from something old, but it will still have the sentimental value that you hold dear.

If you are choosing an old ring, you can determine how valuable it is in monetary terms and if it is real precious metals by checking the ring hallmark. Doing so might make you think twice before modifying the ring, especially if it’s hundreds of years old! 

3. Budget 

Naturally, budget plays a role in your wedding ring choice. The smaller your budget, the smaller the rock. That isn’t to say that cheaper rings aren’t as nice – it’s all about personal style – but you’re unlikely to get a genuine 24k gold ring with a real diamond set in it for £100. Wedding rings can be upgraded in time if you want something a bit fancier, but the value of your wedding ring will depend more on the meaning behind it and what it symbolises rather than the actual cost of it. 

4. Style 

Arguably the most influential part of choosing a wedding ring will come down to your personal style. This will decide the metal type you choose (e.g. silver, gold, platinum), the size of the stone (if any) and whether or not it will match your engagement ring. If you prefer dainty jewellery that is not flashy, don’t choose a big rock just because your friends have big rocks. Think about how your ring will suit your style, your everyday life and your personal preferences. If you don’t like jewellery, don’t have a wedding ring at all!


Hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect wedding ring for you. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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