Last Updated on 29th September 2021

Since ancient times, people have sought gemstones and crystals for their beauty and more so because of their perceived healing abilities. Topaz, peridot, rubies, obsidian, opals, and turquoise are just some of the precious stones used in ancient India, Egypt, Rome, and Greece for cleansing and healing.

If you’re interested in using alternative healing to supplement traditional medicine or improve your wellbeing and general health, below are ten ways to heal yourself with gemstones.

1. Wear Your Gems As Jewelry

One of the best ways to tap into a gemstone’s energy and healing properties is to touch or place it on your skin. To keep them on, you can wear them as crystal bracelets or other jewelry pieces. For example, suppose you want to boost your immune system. In that case, you may want to wear a lapis lazuli bracelet, which is believed to enhance immunity and personal strength.

2. Charge Your Precious Stones With Intention

After buying a precious stone, you should cleanse it of other people’s energies. Once you’re done purifying it, you can now program your crystal with your intentions. Of course, if you want to increase the chances of achieving your goals, you must choose the stone that represents your desires.

Suppose you’re down with malaise or just feeling sluggish. In that case, you can improve your energy and mood by using energizing stones like garnet or ruby for stimulation. However, if you plan to tap the healing properties of expensive precious stones like ruby, you must take specific steps like a scratch test to make sure your ruby is real in the first place.

3. Meditate With Your Crystals

Another way to heal yourself with the help of gemstones is through meditation while wearing or holding your gems. This practice would help amplify the benefits you may get from the crystals by increasing your connection with the stones. 

If you’re stressed and want to achieve calmness and mental serenity, you can hold amethyst rocks. These gemstones are used in Ayurvedic medicine for their apparent ability to ease tension and anxiety.

4. Put Them Inside Your Purse Or Pocket

If you can’t wear your crystals all the time because of work, you may instead carry tiny crystal beads or stones inside your pocket or even your purse. Every time you need healing, take a few seconds to touch or caress the crystals inside your pocket or bag.

5. Create Your Gemstone Layout

Some people prefer creating a gemstone layout because they want to heal from various discomforts. You can lay down and put different crystals on top of your body and practice this healing ritual for a few minutes after waking up.

6. Place The Crystals Around Your Home Or Office

Crystals are great decors you can put around your home or office. But these stones don’t only serve an aesthetic purpose. They can also cleanse negative energy while boosting the positive vibes in your workplace or home. So, if you work in a highly stressful environment, putting obsidian stones in your office may help bring calmness and promote mental health.

7. Keep Your Gems With You When You Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or experience nighttime anxiety, you may want to keep gemstones close while you sleep. To ward off nightmares and help ease stress, you may put a small lepidolite, smoky quartz, or howlite crystal under your pillow to absorb their healing properties.

8. Put Them In Your Bath

If you wish to feel good about yourself, you may try putting gems in your bathwater. Choose stones like rose quartz to help boost self-love or shungite for cleansing and detoxification. However, not all crystals are ideal for water therapy. So, please do your research before soaking any of your crystals.

9. Incorporate Them Into Your Rituals

People can touch gems while they pray or practice whatever rituals they do. Caressing crystal beads while praying or putting them near your heart for healing does not mean you’re praying to the gems. You’re just tapping their energies for deep healing, especially if you’re suffering long-term emotional scars.

10. Include In Your Beauty Routine

Using crystals for your beauty routine is also a fantastic way to heal yourself with gemstones. For example, using jade or rose quartz rollers on your face may help improve blood circulation and make your skin look younger. 

Aside from rollers, you can also make face mist using crystals. Fill a glass bowl with distilled water and soak your gems in it for several hours under the sun or moon. You can use the crystal-infused water as toner or face mist to help hydrate your skin.


If you’re looking for alternative healing techniques to help improve wellness and health, you may try using gemstones. There are many ways to incorporate healing gems into your everyday life. But before you immerse yourself in this alternative mode of healing, you may start with small wearable crystals.

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