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As the UK gets ready for the beginning of the wedding season, there are already some trends emerging in relation to what we will be seeing at spring and summer weddings. With nearly 280,000 weddings taking place each year, ranging from small, low budget and intimate get-togethers to lavish events that last more than just one day, it is reasonable to expect that people are taking influence from those who have gone before then to design their own big day.

If you are looking at planning your wedding and need some inspiration, this post looks at some of the biggest UK wedding trends you will see this year to give you all the inspiration you will need.

Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

The Bridgerton family are the most fashionable and well-dressed members of society; they have become an iconic representation of weddings. The Bridgerton weddings are known for their style and elegance. There have been fabulous fashion moments, from Anthony Bridgerton’s wedding to Lady Hyacinth Bridgerton. As a result, many couples are looking to the Bridgertons for inspiration when it comes to their own big day.

Think empire-waisted gowns, lots of lace, pale blues and whites, and puff sleeve dresses! If you want the classic style and elegance of your favourite Bridgerton characters, then a Bridgerton inspired wedding could be for you, especially as season 2 is on its way to our screens!

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Breaking Tradition

In the last few years, we have seen more and more weddings breaking tradition. This year, more couples are choosing to have their ceremony in a location other than a church. Many people are opting for their ceremony to take place in a field, forest or even on top of a mountain. This is not your typical church wedding, but it is still as beautiful and meaningful as any other wedding.

One couple who took this route was Kirsty-Marie and her now-husband Graham, who got married in traditional Scottish attire at Balmule House Dunfermline, Scotland. Their ceremony combined gothic and bohemian inspiration for a truly unique theme in a beautiful setting.

Rented Wedding Dresses

Rented wedding dresses are on the rise in the UK, with nearly half of those surveyed saying they were interested in trying this trend out. Rented dresses are perfect for those who want to keep their specific style without breaking the bank. The idea behind renting dresses is that the bride doesn’t have to spend a fortune on a dress she will wear only once or twice.

One of the most popular wedding trends has been going off-the-rack and designing your own look rather than buying something pre-made from a designer. This trend has seen more people buying their own materials and building their own custom dresses rather than buying one at a store.

The number of people choosing this option has grown by 12% in the past year alone!

Sustainable Wedding Jewellery

Sustainable jewellery is a hot new trend in the wedding industry. There are several reasons for this, but one that stands out is the increased prevalence of awareness about sustainability in everyday life.

It’s essential to be conscious about what you buy and where you buy it from to know it’s been ethically sourced and manufactured. Many brands are out there now that have sustainable collections, meaning metal used doesn’t come from mines that damage wildlife and ecosystems while creating toxic pollution and child labour issues.

Since 2014, the amount of gold mining has risen by 17%. Imagine this effect on natural environments if we didn’t demand gold to be ethically sourced? The trend of sustainable jewellery from companies such as who use lab-created gems, which means that more people can enjoy their wedding ring without worrying about what toll it takes on the environment.

Personalisation on Details

There are many details to organise when planning a wedding. And for those who really want their wedding to be unique, it can feel like a tall order. However, there are things that you can do to give your wedding an extra personal touch. 

One way is to personalise the detail on the important aspects of your big day. For example, you can use your own initials or those of your guests on wedding stationery, favours and decorations. You can place pictures of both or your families around the venue and incorporate things that mean a lot to you. If you are pet lovers, why not invite your furry loved ones to join you and make it even more meaningful.

Another way is to use traditional elements unusually. For example, choose a colour that is not widely accepted by others, which means something special to you and your partner. This could mean using flowers or colours that reflect religious beliefs or ethnic heritage as part of your head table decoration or choosing jewellery with stones from where one of you met for gifts for guests.

Sober Weddings

With the rise of social media and the constant pressure to portray an idealised life, many people choose to have their wedding on a sober day. The idea that you can enjoy your big day without the burden of being drunk is becoming quite popular, and it’s set to grow in popularity as more people choose this route. With so many pressures on couples these days, sober weddings allow them to stay in control of their decisions.

The benefits of a sober wedding include no hangover, staying in control, and not worrying about how much you drink. More than anything, though, it gives you complete control over your choices, especially regarding what drinks you serve at your event! Gone are the days of water or soft drinks. Non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits are big business these days, as are mocktails that create delicious beverages based on their alcoholic counterparts using no or low alcohol to make them perfect for enjoying without getting drunk!

Big and Bold

There is no doubt that big and bold is the way to go. It is a trend that has been carrying over from the end of last year, with opera length dresses, tiaras and grand ballroom weddings making a stand out appearance. If you want to have something that people will remember, you need to opt for the big and bold approach. It could be using a colour like emerald green or cobalt blue that makes your wedding stand out because these colours are not something you see every day.

Big Parties

The most popular trend is big parties. Weddings are no longer a small, intimate affair. They are now huge, lavish events that take place over more than just one day. This has always been popular in the Uk, but as society moves on and people get busier, this trend will only grow even more popular.

Many people spend months planning their perfect wedding, and it is important to them to be able to share the day with as many people as possible. With so many weddings being big events now, it makes sense that these trends will continue to grow with the number of weddings being hosted each year.

Nature Inspired Themes

The natural world is ever-present in our lives. It’s a part of who we are and what we do. The natural world is present at weddings too! Natural elements like flowers, plants and trees are commonly used at weddings. From the bouquet to centrepieces to decor, nature can be seen throughout a wedding day.

The trend of using more natural elements to create an atmosphere took off in the late 1990s with the rise of e-commerce. Today, this trend still prevails as people want their events to reflect themselves and what they love most.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are rising, with one in five couples now choosing to say “I do” outside. The trend is most popular in the south of England, with locations such as Devon, Cornwall and Somerset finding themselves at the top of the list for potential outdoor wedding venues.

The UK’s recent spate of summer heatwaves helped boost interest in outdoor weddings, which can often be cheaper than a traditional ceremony. 

However, you must consider the weather and make sure that your guests will be comfortable on what may well be a hot day. You may want to have a shelter where people can get out of the sun on a hot day or get out of the rain if the weather turns during the day.

A venue where you can enjoy an intimate service surrounded by nature is a dream come true for many couples who want their special day to be memorable. There are plenty of indoor space options across the country for those wanting a more casual affair, so don’t think you have to head outdoors if you’re not having a formal wedding.

Ultimately, while it can be inspiring to see how other people design their own wedding, trends are simply ideas of how you can create your perfect wedding. Nothing is stopping you from realising your own trends and design for the big day while using details and factors from other sources and trends this year.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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