Last Updated on 31st May 2022

The era of diamonds is slowly but surely skimming down. Although consumers are still in love with the sparkly aesthetic of the diamond, they are also becoming increasingly conscious of the downsides to investing in real diamonds, from environmental concerns to simply wanting to get more for their money. 

This is why we have seen such a rise in popularity around moissanite rings. They are a diamond simulant that is composed of silicon carbide – essentially, they are a stone that has a similar look to diamonds, but they are not real diamonds. 

If you want to learn more about moissanite for bridal sets, then read our guide below.   

Moissanite vs Diamond Bridal Sets

While we still see a plethora of diamond bridal sets on the market, moissanite sets are on the rise. One of the most marked differences is that all moissanite stones on the jewellery market are lab made, due to the stone’s rarity and small size when it occurs naturally. This means that the price of moissanite is far more affordable in comparison to diamonds and makes for a great alternative to those on a budget. 

The stones look incredibly similar so you do not have to compromise on the aesthetic of your set and almost no one will be able to spot the difference. Although cheaper, brides do not have to worry about the quality of moissanite. It is almost as strong as diamond, and sits quite high on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it makes for the perfect bridal set that will last a lifetime.

Buy Moissanite Bridal Sets

Given some of the differences between diamonds and moissanite, it comes as no surprise that moissanite bridal sets are having a moment. Not only are they more affordable and nearly as durable as diamonds, but the gemstone also offers a unique light performance (sparkle) that sets it apart from the classic diamond. 

Brides-to-be can enjoy a rainbow-like quality to their moissanite as it sparkles in the light, and they will most certainly stand out from the crowd. In recent years there have been a lot of concerns surrounding the high cost of diamonds – and how many shoppers need to curb their expectations to meet their budget – so, by going with moissanite, couples can ensure they are getting the most impressive ring possible for their hard-earned cash. 

What’s more, this also gives brides more options in terms of style and design. You could, for example, be able to afford both an engagement ring and wedding band adorned with jewels rather than a plain set.

Best Brilliance – Choose Your Bridal Set 

Best Brilliance has seen the rise within moissanite rings and they claim that they are the most popular gemstones available. This comes as no surprise as the rings are not only cost-effective but stunningly gorgeous at the same time. They are truly a fantastic alternative to diamonds and ensure that they always have a variety in stock that our customers will love.

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