Last Updated on 13th November 2022

Dogs can offer us so much joy. They can keep us company, make us feel safe and secure, and even make us proud as we show them off to the outside world. Although not all dogs can win a Dog Show, that does not mean you should not try and make your dog look the part. The fitter and healthier your dog is, the better it will look and the happier it will be. Ensuring your dog has all its needs met will keep it running around for as long as possible too.



This is a basic requirement, but if you want your dog’s coat to shine and its teeth to remain cavity-free, then you need to feed it well. Dogs need a range of vitamins and minerals, and they should be able to get this from their food. Something to be aware of is that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. That means they need foods other than meat to keep them healthy. It may be worth your while having a talk with your vet to ensure that you have the right dietary requirements for your dog. All breeds are different, so don’t assume anything. Maybe you can offer them a vitamin pill, for example. 


Just like us, if we want to look good, we need to exercise; dogs are the same. They actually have to be walked at least twice a day. But if you want your dog to be healthy and look its best, you should try and get it out to have a run and possibly take it on longer walks in the countryside at weekends when you have the time. Dogs love new experiences, and there is nothing better to them than this sort of exercise. Also, taking the dog out on a hike is a great excuse for you to exercise. 


If you want that dog show look, then you need to groom your dog. If you want their coat to look good, then you need s good dog brush and brush that fur. Depending on your breed, you may have to brush it once or twice a day, some you may get away with doing it less. But brushing the hair, stimulates the skin, and gets the blood flowing and removes old skin cells and possibly parasites. Daily brushing prevents matting of the hair too. Every dog has its unique subtleties. For example, miniature schnauzers need more attention on their feet and beards. These are areas that are prone to matting. Dog shampoo is another essential for keeping that coat looking good. Some shampoos are designed to kill off parasites too.  


One of the best ways to jazz up your dog and make it look the part is to purchase a range of accessories. A gorgeous collar is for starters. Other accessories are retractable leads to ensure it can be looked after while on walks. A keychain with dog poo bags. You can also buy a range of fabulous jackets to really jazz that pup up.   

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