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Spring is always an exciting time for fashion.

Everyone is eager to shake off the doom and gloom of winter and experiment with lighter, more refreshing looks.

If you’re equally ready to try something new, here are a few tips for taking your spring style to the next level.

Tip #1: Earrings

Earrings can be an understated way to show off your wealth and taste. If you’re wearing something like men’s 10K gold earrings, for example, you can add the Midas touch to your outfit without being overly flashy about it. The quality of the jewelry will be self-evident. Still, it won’t demand attention or detract from the rest of your outfit. Just like spring, it will take a milder approach.

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Tip #2: Light Colors

It’s time to pack away all of those dark blues and blacks. Winter is over, so you can embrace a lighter color palette. These might range from soft, subtle pastels to tried-and-true neutrals like white, gray and beige. As long as they aren’t dark, they’ll absorb less sunlight as the weather warms, keeping you cool while looking stylish. Incorporate these light colors into your clothing, hats, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Tip #3: New Fabrics

Do you always wear cotton shirts? Upgrade to silk or linen. Do you have a cheap watch made from zinc alloy? Get luxurious with something made from genuine, high-quality gold, silver or platinum.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it’s the ideal time to transform your usual look into something fresh and bold. Think about draping yourself in new materials from head to toe.

Tip #4: Scarves

If winter hasn’t quite loosened its grip where you live, you might find that scarves are fashionable and functional. They don’t have to be the thick and wooly things you wear when it’s snowing.

There are many types of men’s scarves, and they range from formal cravats to casual and everyday fashion scarves.

Tip #5: Hats

Look dapper by donning a hat whenever you’re out. It can add flair to just about any ensemble, especially if you take the time to match the aesthetics of your hat to the vibes of your outfit.

For example, a Panama hat will pair nicely with a nautical look, including a polo and board shorts. A flap cap can top off a business casual look with a blazer, button-down and fitted pants.

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Tip #6: Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link chains are prized for their durability and longevity. Since they’re heavier than other types of chains, they can be made from more expensive metal gauges, including ones further decorated with ice or layers of diamonds. You can find an attractive Cuban link chain made from silver, gold, white gold, rose gold and more.

Tip #7: Layers

This is more of a wardrobe tip, but it can also apply to jewelry and other accessories. Layers are a great way to stay comfortable in the mercurial weather of spring without sacrificing your personal sense of style. As the temperature changes, so can your outfit.

The same goes for accessories: You can wear multiple sets of chains or other jewelry and swap them out as it pleases you.

Tip #8: Personalized Jewelry

There are ample ways to put a personal touch on your jewelry. For example, you can create a picture pendant necklace with a meaningful photo on the end of a chain. It’ll function a bit like a locket, but it’ll have more mature and masculine energy.

It’ll be protected by a thin layer of glass, and you can surround the memento with your choice of gems or other decorative elements.

Tip #9: Unique Accessories

Spring is a new season. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your accessories as well. Dog tags, for instance, have a long and colorful history for military personnel, but they’ve also become a trendy fashion item for all.

There are gold dog tags with symbols ranging from dollar bills to religious iconography. They also come encrusted with diamonds.

Tip #10: Footwear

There’s no right or wrong type of footwear for fashionable men in the spring. Depending on where you live, you might go straight from boots to sandal weather.

On the other hand, you might need multiple types of shoes, including formal brogues and everyday sneakers. Give yourself lots of variety while keeping it seasonally appropriate.

Tip #11: Pendant Jewelry

Pendant jewelry can range from subtle to a statement piece. It all depends on the type that you buy. There are simple chains with small crosses or gemstones dangling from them.

Or you could go for large and heavy gold chains with pendant options that are loaded with ice. What speaks to your own sense of style?

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Tip #12: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must as the days get longer and the sun starts to shine. A quality pair of sunglasses is an investment that can pay off in both fashion and health.

In addition to looking at things like color and shape, pay attention to the UV protection the lenses offer.

Tip #13: Timepieces

A good watch never goes out of style, and it’s another men’s fashion accessory that can be as subtle or as noticeable as you’d like.

If you want something new for spring, you might invest in a vintage pocket watch on a chain rather than the standard wristwatch. You can greet the new season with an old throwback that’ll stand out.

Guys, Get Those Fresh Looks for Spring

Say goodbye to the past. It’s a new era, and along with the arrival of spring, you can stride forward in life with a new and unique style that speaks to your personality.

You’ll have to build up that wardrobe and its accessories first! Adding some of these pieces means you’ll be stepping out in style.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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