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Spring is in full swing, and although the weather remains fickle, with chilly wind gusts one moment and bright sunshine the next, everyone is getting their warm-weather wardrobes ready.

And while everyone focuses on the garment styles and trends that’ll be all the rage during the warm season, the accessories are often forced to take the backseat.

Yet, failing to highlight what to expect when it comes to accessories means that you’ll only be able to create outfits that are only half as good as they could be.

Sunglasses, bags and scarves can elevate an ensemble and make even the most basic getup stand out.

Here are some of the accessory trends that’ll dominate fashion during the spring season which you should consider incorporating into your wardrobe.


This spring and summer season is all about going back to the basics. Clean lines and simple colors are favored, so if your style veers on the side of minimalism, it’s your time to shine.

Classic metal jewelry will be trendy in 2023, so it’s time to bring your old pieces back to light or shop for new ones.

And if you’ve been debating whether you’re team gold or team silver, this year lets you mix and match so you can wear both simultaneously and create a look that stands out.


Just because fashion is shifting towards minimalism this year, it doesn’t mean that the color palette is exclusively restricted to beige, gray and black.

In fact, one of the biggest trends this spring is for colorful tights. While the fashion world has a famously complicated relationship with stockings, alternately considering them fashionable or a sartorial faux pas, one thing’s for sure, 2023 finds them to be quite cool.

Pink, electric blue and bright red are some of the favorites you can incorporate into your outfits this season.

To step outside of your comfort zone a little bit, you can try Ankara fabric, a cloth that’s 100% cotton, making it lightweight and breathable, meaning that it is a perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

A time-honored African fabric, the traditional manufacturing method is still maintained by business owners operating in small-scale shops to create handmade, intricate designs.

African head wraps, a classic accessory, serve both an aesthetic and a practical purpose, helping to protect the hair from damage.

There are several ways to tie a headscarf, depending on your style, to create a unique look. This timeless trend doesn’t go out of style regardless of the season and comes in several patterns, sizes and shade combinations to fit your tastes.


Belts are one of the perfect combinations of lovely looks and functionality, and this season is bringing them back to the forefront.

The classic belt, made of leather and with a simple buckle, is the star of spring 2023, so if you don’t have one in your closet, now’s the time to invest in a high-quality piece that you can wear for several years from now on.

Go for a belt that’s either black, dark brown or burgundy red for something that’ll look good with any outfit.


While dainty, delicate pieces will always be in style, this spring season has also noted a resurgence of statement earrings, particularly the larger, chunkier models.

Drop-shaped earrings are one of this season’s essentials, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to provide even the softest look with an edgy vibe.

And if you’re concerned that you can’t pull them off, it’s time to put those worries aside. They can be worn with virtually anything, and if you’re afraid of overdoing it in the jewelry department, you can forego other accessories in favor of these strong earrings.

Tote bags 

Bags are a staple and come in all possible shapes, sizes and colors. From the micro bags that can barely fit in a credit card, to the ones you can use as luggage when you go on vacation, there’s a wide variety of bags to try.

If you own several classic black leather bags, don’t be in a rush to toss them away.

However, you should know that this season’s trend is for supersized tote bags. Roomy and practical, tote bags are about more than just looks. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some that are stylistically captivating.

Good shoes

The shoes you wear are crucial for any outfit. Depending on the footwear you choose, you can either go the classical route or go for something that takes the ensemble in a completely new direction.

There has been an ongoing trend for wearing formal pieces with casual shoes, such as suits with sneakers or evening dresses with ballet flats.

This season is all about a square toe on your shoes, whether you’re going for strappy sandals or lightweight boots. The only exception is ballet flats, where pointed toes are still fashionable, but a square or rounded option works just as well.

Slip-on flats are also popular as a longstanding staple of any warm-weather wardrobe. To give them an extra spring feeling, choose a cream or rose-hued pair to go with the mild weather outside.

Loafers are another trendy style to go for this spring. If you’re worried that the style might seem a little dated, you should know there are many ways to mix and match them to create a modern look.

Loafers go well with both skirts and wide-leg trousers, making them remarkably versatile.

The bottom line 

One of the main aspects of any great outfit is the accessories. When you’re looking to add some new items to your closet this spring, choose only the accessories that work with your usual style and that you feel comfortable wearing.

Even if something looks good, the finished look won’t be as great as you envisioned if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

Trends come and go, but personal style, when you find the secret recipe that works best for you and the clothes which allow you to feel confident, is forever.

Next time you go shopping, make sure everything you buy is something you genuinely love and are sure you’ll wear. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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