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Watches are among the most celebrated objects in the world. Billionaires will literally fight each other to obtain rare or unusual models, all so that they can say they own them.

Somehow, it’s about more than status, and certainly more than telling the time. 

But why, specifically, are watches more than just mere accessories? Well, you’re about to find out. We take a look at ten reasons to love watches and why they transcend everything. 

Watches Are Fun

First, there’s the fact that watches are fun. They have an incredible ability to bring people a sense of joy and satisfaction. 

Partly, this has to do with their intricate mechanisms. Top-of-the-range watches are often works of mechanical art with dozens of moving parts keeping everything in motion.

But it also has to do with their features. You can take advanced watches pretty much anywhere you want, even hundreds of feet underwater if you want, and they will still work. 

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Watches Are Educational

Another cool thing about watches is that they are educational. Timepieces brimming with dials and numbers teach you about the world and the way it works. 

Take watches with in-built pressure sensors, for instance. These tell you about climatic conditions and how the day is likely to pan out.

Others have complex date systems and reminders for significant astronomical events of the year, such as the equinoxes or solstices. Watches help to locate you in reality. 

Watches Are Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

Watches are also more than mere accessories because of their eco-friendliness and sustainability. Most are self-winding and don’t require an onboard battery to function.

Vibrating quartz elements provide accurate timing without the need for rare earth metals or digging anything toxic out of the ground.

And many brands make their timepieces with high-quality materials, reducing the risk of throwaway fashion. Watches can last decades if not centuries if constructed to a sufficiently high standard. 

Watches Are Cutting-Edge

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Unlike most jewelry, watches are also cutting-edge and innovative. Every year, manufacturers try to add something new or interesting that will get their customers excited. 

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of innovations in the watch space. First came self-winding mechanisms and quartz time-keeping.

After that, we got extreme waterproofing and advanced designs. Watchmakers are always finding ways to add new elements.

And because price isn’t a factor for many collectors, watches often embody the most advanced mechanical and material technologies. 

Watches Are Meaningful

Watches also convey significant meaning to the people wearing them. They often symbolize something.

For instance, watches can be a sign of status. People are willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in timepieces to signal their accomplishments or achievements. 

Watches can also have historical or cultural significance. You might wear a certain model from a particular era to signify your connection to it.

It can also just be expressive for its own sake. Many people choose watches because they echo their sentiments or emotions.

Having a particular watch makes it easy to project feelings into social situations or the surrounding environment in new ways. 

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Watches Are Prestigious

Another reason watches are more than just accessories is the prestige associated with them. Watches have a certain character and cult following that makes them socially valuable objects.

Sure, some jewelry can do the same, but the effect isn’t as widespread or universal. 

Watches have come to represent a person’s success and achievements. Again, it’s a sign that you’ve come a long way in life and that you’re on the right track.

It seems so simple, but watches are a powerful communication tool, and people notice. 

Watches Are Durable And Reliable

Watches are also likely to last a long time, particularly if you get yours from a well-known brand. Owning a phone that lasts a decade is rare.

And one that lasts a century is impossible. But with watches, it’s pretty much normal. Manufacturers make timepieces to last an exceptionally long time because of their high-quality construction and attention to detail. 

Many people have timepieces with NATO watch straps that date back fifty years or more. Today, these are highly prized collector’s items. Everyone, it seems, wants to own one because of what it represents and the era it reflects. 

Watches Are Adaptable

Another reason watches are more than mere accessories is their adaptability. Timepieces have the unique ability to match pretty much any outfit, as long as you make the right selection.

In that sense, they are a bit like silver or gold jewelry. It’s hard to find something they don’t complement. 

For instance, men can pair watches with suits and jackets. They also go well with jeans and a T-shirt, provided you choose the right design. 

For women, watches are an elegant addition to work outfits, blazers, and dresses. They also go with more casual outfits and clothes selections.

Watches often continue surprising you for years with their versatility and ability to match pretty much anything. 

Watches Are Functional

Watches are also functional, which is something else that sets them apart from regular accessories. Instead of just adorning your body and looking pretty, you can actually do something with a timepiece. 

Most watches provide you with a quick way to locate yourself in time. However, some models contain advanced gauges and dials that provide you with more information about your surroundings in a cool, mechanical way. 

Watches can also help you stay organized. If you’re generally bad at time-keeping, watches let you know what you need to do next and how to proceed. They tell you whether you have a meeting or need to leave the house with a quick glance. 

Watches Are Timeless Pieces Of Art

Lastly, watches are timeless pieces of art. People will move heaven and earth to obtain them sometimes. Many designer watches from top brands have unique histories that enchant and inspire people. Designers also create dials, faces, and straps that make them beautiful in the same way as a great Monet or Picasso painting. Just looking at them is enough to improve your mood. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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