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Do you ever get to the end of the day and realize you haven’t done one nice thing for yourself?

As women, we tend to put everyone else’s needs first – our partners, our kids, our jobs. And when we don’t take time for self-care, our mental and physical health suffers.

This needs to change, now. You deserve to feel energized, relaxed and happy.

The good news is, it only takes 10 minutes a day to care for yourself and experience real benefits.

Just think – in the time it takes to wash your face or enjoy a cup of tea, you can radically transform how you feel.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover 10-minute self-care ideas you can start today.

In just minutes a day, you’ll reduce stress, boost energy levels, improve your mood and feel more balanced, and these little moments of “me time” will add up to big rewards.


Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Right

How you begin your day sets the tone for everything that follows. Taking a few minutes in the morning to focus on self-care will ground you and help you feel more balanced throughout the day.

Drink a Cup of Tea Mindfully

Instead of gulping down your morning cup of coffee, take a few moments to slowly savor a hot cup of tea.

Breathe in the aroma, notice the warmth of the cup in your hands, and be conscious of the taste as you take small sips. Taking this time to be present with your tea can start your day with calm focus.

Write Down 3 Things You’re Grateful For

Begin each morning by writing down three things you’re grateful for. They can be big things, like your health or your family, or small pleasures, like a good cup of coffee or laughing with a friend.

Taking a moment for gratitude helps you begin the day with positive energy.

Do Some Gentle Stretches

Take 5-10 minutes when you wake up to do some gentle stretching. Reach your arms overhead, twist side to side, touch your toes – whatever feels good for your body.

Getting your blood flowing first thing in the morning will leave you feeling more energized and flexible throughout the day.


Quick Pick-Me-Ups During the Day

When your energy starts flagging in the afternoon, take advantage of small windows of time to recharge with some self-care. Just 10 minutes can give you a mental and physical boost.

Step Outside for Fresh Air

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to refresh. Take a short 10 minute walk outside – even just once around the block will get your blood pumping. Breathe deeply and pay attention to how the fresh air feels in your lungs.

Snack on Something Healthy

Hunger and fatigue often go hand-in-hand. Keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, or veggies at your desk so you can refuel quickly. Taking just a few minutes to nourish your body will sustain your energy levels.

Do a Quick Meditation

Apps like Calm and Headspace offer meditations as short as 3-5 minutes. Even a short time spent focusing on your breath and clearing your mind can relax tension and leave you feeling more centered.


Relaxing Rituals Before Bed

It’s crucial to unwind properly before bed so you can fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. Try these 10 minute rituals to give yourself quality rest.

Take a Warm Bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm, bubbly bath. Draw yourself a bath, light some candles, and soak for 5-10 minutes before getting ready for bed. The warmth will ease muscle tension so you feel relaxed and ready for sleep.

Write in a Gratitude Journal

Much like the morning gratitude exercise, take 10 minutes before bed to write down things that happened during the day that you’re grateful for. Reflecting on the day’s bright spots will help you feel positive as you drift off to sleep.

Read Something Uplifting

Curl up in bed and read a few pages of an inspiring book or uplifting magazine like O Magazine. Reading positive, encouraging content allows you to end the day on a high note. Set a timer so you don’t keep reading long past your bedtime!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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