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You might think that your fashion-conscious life grinds to a halt during winter.

You can’t wear all the cute outfits you have or show off your new style because you will be bundled up until the clouds break in a few months.

Or so you might think. There are still plenty of ways to look good and stay warm this winter. It’s all about knowing how to approach it. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending evenings cozied up by the fireplace, visiting friends, or attending your work party.

You can always find new ways to look as good as you feel as you embrace the festive season. From your everyday outfits to special occasions, here is a guide to staying warm and looking good this winter.

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Start At the Bottom 

People rarely think about it, but comfort often starts at your feet, especially if you’re standing and walking around all day at work or after a day of shopping.

Choosing the right winter boots or shoes is essential for helping you feel comfortable and warm over the holiday season. 

The most important features to look for are style and slip-resistance so you look good and stay safe on icy streets.

The same goes for insulated lining so your toes don’t freeze. The more insole padding and support, the less foot strain you’ll feel so you can stay energized. 

Combine Classy With Comfort 

You don’t need to abandon your favorite classy looks just because it’s cold. It’s possible to combine classy with comfort as long as you know how to achieve it.

One way to do this is by looking at your sweaters and dresses and seeing which colors and styles complement each other. Here, you can wear your favorite dress and stay warm. 

Another solution is using jewelry to class up your more functional and sensible outfits. You can add necklaces and earrings if you’re doing something special, and you don’t need to worry about overdressing for other events. 

Pick Materials That Feel Great 

Picking clothes that fit properly is one way to ensure you’re comfortable over the winter months, but you should also look at materials that feel great.

Things like satin can provide a soft, gentle sensation on your skin, while knitted garments are also a great choice and they match the vibe you want from winter. 

You can find examples of these materials with full-length Guizio corsets along with a host of other options.

If you want to stick to your normal style but adjust it to match the winter season, this is a great solution and you can combine it with other warm clothes to give you the best of both worlds. 

Tights Are Essential 

There are so many ways to wear tights during winter that you might wonder why you’ve ignored them for so long.

Whether you combine them with dresses or skirts or just wear them underneath your jeans, you can feel warm and look good. 

The best part about tights is that they come in a variety of styles. Thick tights, tights with fuzzy lining, and regular tights are all suitable for your winter wardrobe.

If you get too warm, you can just take them off and keep them in your purse as well, so it never feels like you’ve committed to a look. 

Keep Some Summer Clothes At Hand

Many people put their summer clothes away as soon as the temperatures drop.

However, while you’re unlikely to wear most of your summer wardrobe, especially swimsuits, you can still do something with summer dresses or blouses.

You won’t be able to wear these by themselves, but you can combine them with winter garments (such as tights) to bring a bright and breezy look to the cold environment. 

Most sinter clothes ignore the fun colors and patterns that make clothes look great, so while you don’t need to break out a summer dress all the time, you can still wear one when you feel your outfit isn’t bright enough. 

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Layering Will Always Work 

Layering is one of the easiest ways to combine your style with practicality. You haven’t committed to an outfit that might get too warm later, so you can add or remove layers as needed.

You can also use layers to make duller outfits look better. Fun Christmas sweaters are always fun, but you don’t have to wear them all night.

They are great for an initial introduction but you also want to show off the rest of your outfit. Adjusting your layering as you get too hot or cold makes a big difference to your enjoyment and comfort. 

Belts For Oversized Garments 

If you love buying oversized sweaters and dresses for the winter, you can use a belt to add some shape to make it more ‘acceptable’ for certain occasions, like a work party.

Take your pick from various belt sizes, from bulky belts to thinner belts or those that are more chain-like. 

This technique can transform your outfit without having to do too much. The hardware, such as the buckle or other decorations, can make the overall style more interesting. 

Be Smart Outside 

You don’t want to feel too cold before you even arrive at your destination, so you must learn to be smart outside. You’re not in your twenties anymore, so wearing next-to-nothing during the coldest time of the year is never smart. 

Instead, it’s best to go for comfort (and safety) over showing off your cute outfit while walking to and from bars or parties. You can always show them off inside where it matters and check your coat.

Knowing the best things to consider when buying a winter coat can help you find something that works for you. It’s also worth bringing a scarf, hat, and gloves to protect you from dangerously cold temperatures. 

Looking Great 

If anything, the winter season lets you experiment with new combinations to find the perfect look.

You can try different outfits and mix and match garments you’d never normally pair to create something unique and striking while still keeping you warm as you walk from your car to the restaurant or go for a pleasant wander around the neighborhood to take in the lights and the sights. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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