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Thinking about revamping your home? Forget about minimalism, beige-on-beige color schemes, or Scandinavian design.

Right now, interior design trends are leaning towards maximalism as it comes with a riot of color, textures, and patterns to add more personality and liveliness to your living spaces.

In a recent interview with CNN, designer Solange Azagury-Partridge said that maximalism is a medium for self expression. “Isn’t your home the place to feel the freest to express yourself? That’s why maximalism works so well and will always be relevant,” she adds. 

Part of this fresh and bold aesthetic is using different patterns to decorate your home. When done right, mixing patterns can give your abode a cheery and exciting vibe. Here’s how to mix and match patterns in home design.

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Pattern Drenching

Last year’s color drenching trend has given way to pattern drenching as homeowners are starting to focus on all things personalized. This interior design technique involves using one or a combination of different patterns and prints in a room. But to have a cohesive look, it’s important that all the patterns have at least one similar color running through them.

So for instance, you can have a floral print wallpaper on your bedroom walls and a floral bedspread, but see to it that there’s one unifying color in both prints.

The same goes for mixing different patterns– you can have a paisley couch and striped curtains, as long as there’s a common color in both prints.

Further enhance the look of your space by decorating with framed photos that suit the room’s theme. For example, you can print and frame photographs of wildflowers to go with your all-floral print bedroom. 

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Mix Vintage with Modern Patterns

Mixing patterns from different eras can make your space look timeless and charming. It also makes your home more inviting, so plan on using a mix of vintage and modern patterns in frequently used spaces, such as the living room or dining area.

Think about placing a vintage print wallpaper in hues of golden yellow, grey, silver, and pale blue on your dining room walls, then add dining chair cushions covered in grey and white striped fabric. 

If you love graphic shapes, consider a pastel Bauhaus-style wallpaper for your living room. This retro design typically uses shapes like circles and ovals and curvy lines, and it’s the perfect choice if you want to try the maximalist trend without going overboard.

See if you can find one in pale colors like blush pink, light turquoise, and white, then pair your wallpaper with a couch covered in a pale blue or pink zigzag pattern. 

Use Animal Prints in Small Doses

Animal prints can add a touch of luxe to any room, but they can be tricky to work with, especially if you’re mixing them with other patterns.

However, there’s no reason why you can’t combine a zebra or leopard print with florals. The key is to use animal prints minimally so they don’t overwhelm your decor. For instance, if you have a colorful abstract or floral print wallpaper on your walls, pair it with a zebra area rug or zebra print floor cushions.

Using animal prints as an accent rather than a main feature of your decor can keep your living spaces looking classy and well put together. 

Mixing and matching patterns can bring joy and interest to your space. Consider these tips to combine different patterns in a cohesive way, and see how your home comes alive with all the different colors and prints. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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