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When your space feels like you, you’re much more likely to relax in it. That’s why you should bring your personality into the decor, adding touches of colour and spice that feel like you. The more you recognise yourself in the walls, the more valuable your home is going to feel, never mind what the market says about it! 

But how do you incorporate elements of your personality without missing the mark? Sometimes it can be hard to translate your feelings into the artwork you want to display or the bedspread you choose. That’s what these tips can help with. 

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Change the Lighting Level

Does low lighting feel more like you? Then use it throughout your home! Or maybe you prefer bright overhead lighting to match your more extroverted personality? Hang up some fun lamp shades and elegant chandeliers! 

Lighting can say a lot about who you are and what you want, so this is the first decor point to think about. You can also substitute electric lighting for candles in certain areas, if your personality enjoys a more traditional, ‘cottage-core’ approach to decor. Just make sure you have fire safety in mind at all times! 

Put Anything You Like on the Walls

Got some bare walls just waiting to be personalised? Throw anything you like up there. Roman Blinds on the windows, a collage of photos of your loved ones, a tapestry you made yourself (even if it’s a bit worn and thready) – really, whatever you like! If it can be hung up, you can use it as wall decor, and have fun with the way you decorate. 

Make sure you create some of your art yourself as well. This will truly put your personality into your home decor – after all, you literally put a bit of your own creativity into what you’re displaying. Even if it’s just throwing some cheap paint at a canvas, it still came out of your brain and was made with your hands. 

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Focus on the Textures You Like

Decor trends have us believing that only certain textures are OK in a home. However, your own likes and tastes need to trump this. Your home is your home, and it’s perfectly fine to create a sensory haven that was made just for you. 

Don’t like the feel of leather? Don’t buy a leather sofa! Don’t like to sit on hardwood chairs to eat your dinner? Buy something softly upholstered instead! Even if your furniture is a little less functional, and a little harder to keep clean, don’t be ashamed of wanting it. 

And if you don’t like rugs underneath your toes, you don’t need to put them on your floor! Even though they’re widely praised for adding comfort and warmth to a space, if it’s not for you, stick to the decor your personality revels in. 

Decorating according to your personality is very good for you. If your home feels a bit barren right now, get your personalised journey started. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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