Sorry Gap, Zara is the World’s Largest Clothing Retailer!


There’s no stopping Zara. Reports confirm that the Spanish retailer has replaced Gap as the world’s largest clothing retailer. While Gap’s revenue plummeted by 10% in its first quarter, Zara’s parent company Inditex has seen an increase of 9% in sales in the same period. To our knowledge Zara have refrained from collaborating with celebrities or mainstream designers. So what exactly is the secret to their success? Mainly, its their ability to turn around trends fast.

With a brilliant business model in place, Zara are able to take designs from the drawing board to the consumer in the space of just two weeks. Combine this with the fact that they make it their mission to stay on top of the trends and encourage shop staff to feed designers trend reports as they spot them, there really is no wonder that they’re ahead of their game.

It’s hard to believe Zara started from the bedroom of its chairman Amancio Ortega! Still, if Zara were to collaborate with a designer, and we would seriously encourage it, we hope it’d be Matthew Williamson or Zac Posen.

If you could wave your magic wand which designer would you like to see Zara team up with?

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