Help disaster victims in Japan with these feel good fashion pieces

The devastating tsunami and earthquake events that have recently taken place in Japan have touched the hearts of many – and although you may feel powerless to give aid, there’s still ways you can help donate to this desperate country.

You can donate directly to organisations such as the Red Cross and Unicef, who do a brilliant job at saving and rebuilding broken lives – but there’s also other ways your money can help, and that’s through fashion.

Fashion and charity have long since gone hand in hand, and with the latest feel-good fashionable pieces on offer, it’s the perfect way to donate to such a worthy cause.

From Tory Burch t-shirts, Red Cross tee’s, Kate Spade tote bags, Lady Gaga bracelets to even Alexis Bitter jewellery, reports Fashionista – there’s plenty for you to choose from and get your charitable teeth stuck in to.

Take a look at the best products on offer here.

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