Giambattista Valli is deemed worthy for couture

Impeccable fashion designer Giambattista Valli is known for his immaculately crafted ready-to-wear collections, but it seems his gorgeous designs have pushed him higher up the fashion ranks as Parisian officials now deem him worthy for couture.

Now, this is a pretty big scoop for an outsider, or so it were, as not many designers ever reach the couture hierarchy, but the Chambre Syndicale – the French organization that decides what is (and isn’t) worthy for the couture runway – have granted Valli an honourable slot on the couture schedule for the upcoming shows in July.

However, the rules of the Chambre Syndicale dictate that Valli should be elected at least five times in order to gain permanent membership, reports the Independent.

So if all goes well in July, Valli could well be one fifth of the way towards sealing the couture deal for good, and no doubt rubbing shoulders with the likes of Armani, Givenchy, Chanel and Valentino couture in the near future.

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