Nicola Formichetti creates erotic fashion film

Lady Gaga’s stylist and Mugler creative director, Nicola Formichetti, has decided to merge fashion and sexual fantasy by directing two exclusively erotic fashion films – it’s all in the name of fashion, dahling.

The films are now live on pornography site, and follow in the seductive footsteps of the Mugler menswear show in Milan.

The films come as a two-part story, The Brothers of Arcadia, featuring pieces from the label’s spring/summer 2012 menswear collection, whilst exploring the link between fashion and voyeurism.

The series itself was directed by Branislav Jankic and features music from Brooklyn-based Jessica 6, whose front woman makes an appearance in the films, reports LDNfashion.

However, the ‘uncensored directors cut’ version is now also live on Xtube – just letting you know, if that’s your sort of thing.

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