Last Updated on 25th June 2011

Ok, Kristen, we know that you like being effortlessly cool, we know you’re the star of Twilight, you’ve bagged Robert Pattinson and you prefer to keep it low key, but here’s our gripe: that doesn’t mean you can wear a T-shirt and jeans to a premier.

Sure, the red carpet may not have always been your friend, but you pulled Balmain off not so long ago, so what’s the deal?

Thing is, anywhere else we’d have loved your look – slouchy tee nonchalantly tucked into cropped skinnies? Great. Satin heels and blow dry for a touch of luxe? Love it! But you’re at a film premiere, and we don’t get to go to those things, so at least give us some glam to look at.

We don’t expect a smile, but a flash of leg wouldn’t have gone amiss.

What do you think of Kristen’s causal look? Would you dare to wear jeans on the red carpet?

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