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We’ve avoided getting into it until now, but it’s about time we addressed the ongoing battle of the fashion weeks.

The fashion week hoopla essentially involved Milan throwing its toys out the pram and threatening to move its spring/summer 2013 fashion week to conflict with New York and London because of scheduling disagreements. This, in turn, sent fashion editors into a frenzy, each one taking sides and pledging their loyalty to different cities – and ones that weren’t Milan. Drama!

However, Saint Diane of Von Furstenberg, the CFDA president, has stepped in and written an open letter to the Italian Chamber of Fashion, in an attempt to calmly restore order.

“We did not change from the agreement we reached of starting Fashion Season in New York on the same day every year, which is the second Thursday of February and September,” she wrote. “As the President of the CFDA, I represent my fellow designers… Our shared goal is that we want the editors and retailers to see our work and do theirs.

At a time of great uncertainties in the world, we are lucky to be part of an industry that is flourishing and that provides an enormous quantity of jobs. We should not jeopardise that by being apart.”

If that doesn’t do it, we don’t know what will. Fingers crossed!

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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