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There have been rumours of J Crew venturing over onto British soil for some time now, but they’ve finally been confirmed by none other than Jenna Lyons herself. Cue high pitched girlie screams! 

And we’re not even getting just one J Crew shop, oh no…

“We’re looking at spaces on Regent Street. And I wouldn’t mind being in Covent Garden for a smaller store. It won’t be just one store – we’re not gonna be stingy,” Jenna Lyons said during the New York Fashion Week presentation.

“We have a huge British following already – our New York stores get a lot of customers, and what we do is not very well represented in the British market. There are very classic clothes, but they’re high end.

“And women’s especially, there isn’t that classic tailoring but with a twist, and also colour, which we do. So from what I’ve been told we might be hopefully filling a niche.”

J Crew is always one of our first ports of call when we visit New York, so having a branch just round the corner from us will be like a dream come true!

The new stores are slated to open sometime next year. Cannot wait!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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