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Pierre Balmain can make you look like Emanuelle Alt (YES!)

They keep telling us we can resemble the lithe, nonchalant French Vogue editrix if we snap up some Pierre Balmain pieces, from the subtly priced second line for Balmain. Basically, YES! We do want to look like the chicest French woman in the world, who hardly tries but still manages to look a bajillion dollars! Think soft tees, ultra-structured blazers and black skinnies in luxe leather or denim. The only was is Alt.

Watch the Pierre Balmain Fall/Winter 2012-13 video here.

Marni at H&M extortion

We’re still recovering from the beauty of the Marni at H&M collaboration. The collection of exquisite brocades, sequins, sparkle and statement jewellery launched on March 8, and was a far more civil and orderly affair than its predecessors. A wristband system ensured shoppers weren’t crushed to within an inch of their lives (the norm for some fashion lovers) but before we knew it, pieces we’re advertising on eBay for triple the retail price. reported that around 700 pieces have already been listed on eBay from all over the country, selling at majorly hefty prices to what they were bought for. Defies the idea of an affordable collaboration, we think, and if we wanted to pay big bucks we’d head straight to Marni, not via H&M. Naughty eBay sellers.

Nothing like a heat wave to bring out the sorbet shades!

We bet you all spent the weekend revelling in whatever sunshine was peeking though the clouds. It was truly a godsend for the fashion conscious, as it meant we could whip out our sorbet shades that have been sitting so patiently in our wardrobes since we bought them! Long live Jonathan Saunders’ pop pastels and the iridescent floral lusciousness of a Christopher Kane skirt.

More fashion names on the Forbes’ billionaire list

It appears Miuccia slipped on a pair of her super-covetable spring/summer 2012 rocket fuel shoes, and has, quite frankly, rocketed (pardon the pun) to the top of the Forbes’ Billionaire List. *chokes with bank account envy*  Worth a whopping £4.3billion, the best fashion brain in the industry and a woman with more chutzpah and vigour than the whole of Italy’s female population put together, we’re not surprised. Here’s to seeing more female fashion faces in the Billionaires board!

Katy Perry and Baptiste Giabaconi supposedly an item

We want to scream out: ‘IMAGINE THEIR BABIES!’ but were refraining for now, for fear of jinxing the super-hot couple. We love how two of the hottest muses from the fashion and music world – Baptiste Giabiconi is the world’s highest paid male model – are romantically collaborating. Placed next to each other at the Chanel Fall 2012 show, the beautiful pair were later spotted holding hands at the post show dinner, and Baptiste, ever the gentleman, also bought Katy flowers. Forget Marni and Versace for H&M, this could be the hottest collaboration of the year. In yer face, Russell

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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