Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Contrary to popular belief and the constant bombardment of so-called ‘perfect’ images from glossy magazines and Hollywood movies, studies have shown that men tend to prefer their women curvy! The UK average dress size for a woman is 12-14, with the second highest average dress size coming in at 16 and over, so it is no wonder that some fashion traders have cottoned on to this and are now creating beautiful designs specifically for the larger lady.

A quarter of UK women are plus size
You may have found that a shopping trip to the High Street tends to result in stress and frustration at the lack of plus size clothes available in your favorite designs and styles. For many High Street stores, the sizes stop at 16. With some sources claiming as many as 6 million women in the UK are considered plus size (that’s a quarter of all women in the UK!) these high street stores are really missing out. Some retailers have introduced size ranges of 20 plus, and some are even trying out plus size mannequins. However, larger ladies maintain that more is needed to provide clothes that look good enough to put the confidence back in to the larger than life ladies!

Beautiful designs for the plus size lady
Major fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs are now producing beautiful designs for the plus size lady, and many smaller merchants are now doing the same. However, the best places to find beautiful designs and styles in sizes to fit all sorts are retailers who are dedicated solely to the larger lady. There are a few retailers on the High Street who produce only plus size clothes and countless online stores boasting hundreds of options to choose from in sizes up to 32.

Online shopping vs. High Street
Online shopping is fast becoming a popular way of breathing new life into a wardrobe. No fighting through the crowds on a busy Saturday afternoon, no having to worry about the weather and where to park; buying your clothes online is a most relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you are worried about not being able to try the clothes on, don’t be, most online retailers offer free returns if your items don’t fit or are faulty. So there really is no down side, you can browse the shops all afternoon and don’t even have to take your slippers off!

These online retailers cater for all sorts of occasions, whether you are preparing for your summer holiday and need some bikinis and sarongs, or you have a glamorous event to attend and need something to wow the crowds, retailers such as Curvissa have everything from plus size evening dresses to boutique wedding attire.

If you want to avoid the aching arms, blisters and High Street road rage and find yourself some unique and distinctive clothing then online shopping on sites such as Curvissa may be just the thing for you. With lots to choose from why not let these specialist retailers treat you to a new wardrobe of beautiful plus size clothes.

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