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This year’s Comic Con provided us with a a bevy of gorgeously dressed celebs, as well as small selection of downright confusing ones. While Lea Michele was inarguably one of our best dressed ladies at the event, Dr Who’s Karen Gillan and Twilight‘s Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart didn’t receive the same unanimous praise.

Karen Gillan wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim jumper dress which we thought couldn’t have been more appropriate for the occasion if it tried. Talk about taking a theme and running with it.

Ashley Greene embraced the white trend that the celebs seem to love on the red carpet these days, although the length of her Michael Kors dress and her accessories didn’t go down well with everyone.

Kristen Stewart, as usual, divided opinion with her casual “I just threw this on” getup courtesy of BCBG.

What did our Style Jury have to say about everything?

As Fashion News Ed, I thought I’d weigh in first…

Karen:  ‘I think the colours of this dress really complement her skin tone and hair colour, and as I mentioned above, it’s totally appropriate for the event. However, I can’t help but think it’s a little too predictable… ‘

Ashley: ‘I wanted Ashley to go for something a bit more daring, youthful and colourful for Comic Con… or contrary to that, something totally chic from someone like Donna Karan. She is the face of DKNY after all, she may as well milk it for all its worth!’

Kristen: ‘I don’t totally hate this outfit. I love the skirt and the styling was generally ok. It’s nothing special, but then again I didn’t expect K-Stew to go all-out for something that wasn’t a world premiere.’

What you say:

‘Love Ashleys but think Kristen is my fave, she pulls that look off well. Its a more glam version of her usual daytime style’ – @KatieArmstrong via Twitter

‘[I like] None of them’ – @MadelaineQuinn via Twitter

Verdict: Rate to the power of two

Kristen’s look actually went down quite well this time around – and we’re gonna put it down to the fact that she stayed true to herself, was smiling in the pic AND appears to be wearing a bright coloured shade of lippie.

Karen gets kudos for embracing the theme, and Ashley looks gorgeous as always although we expected more from her just because we’re used to seeing a far higher standard of dressing. We’ll give Karen and Ashley half a point each, bringing our total for this week up to two!

Come back next week to see which celebs we pit against each other.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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