Last Updated on 19th November 2012

Unsure about where to go for your next holiday? No longer seen as the last refuge for the older generation wanting to travel – the cruise holiday is a great option for your yearly jaunt!

However, if you are new to cruise holidays, it can be a little difficult to know exactly what you should be taking….it’s not like there are any designer outlets out on the ocean that you can pick up a bikini or a pair of sunnies from…so here is your essential check list to ensure you’re not left stranded at sea.


It sounds obvious but it goes without saying that you’ll need a good pair of shades on holiday. You’re going to be in the sun for the majority of your daytime ship-bound time, so ones with a strong protection rating are essential.


Ensure you take a few pairs of shorts, because you’re going to want to tan those legs. A nice pair of vintage wash denims would go quite nicely as you’re admiring the ocean view. The


Very important, as certain ports visited might involve you spending the day off-ship. Make sure you always take your passport, whether you are stopping or not. It’s just common sense!


As mentioned, there’s a chance that you can spend a day wandering a port town whilst the ship restocks. This means that your choice of footwear is important. If you are going to be walking quite a bit, it’s wise to invest in a nice pair of sandals, Greek style. Comfortable, yet stylish.

Evenings spent in the bars and restaurants might require a little more flair. Which is why you can impress with some high heeled shoes, which look great and won’t kill the feet.


You are on the water, so a swimming suit is definitely an item you need to bring with you. And seeing as you are on a cruise, something that evokes the inspiration of the sea is a great suggestion. This Sailor girl bandeau swimsuit is something that would feel right at home.

Bio: Article by Halit Bozdogan on behalf Of Robinsons, a company that specialise in removals worldwide, including to India, Australia , Canada and many other cruise destinations.

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