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Having endured weeks of outfit slating during her highly-documented pregnancy, being Kim Kardashian couldn’t have been easy over the last few months. An unflattering dress here, a hem too short there; fashion critics haven’t been kind, and neither have the shutterbugs.

So when pictures emerged of Kim Kardashian baring her pregnancy bump in this week’s Us Weekly magazine, wearing only a bikini whilst holidaying in Greece, many a critical trap was shut tight. The 32-year-old looked beyond stunning, embracing her beautiful curves and carelessly frolicking on the beach en famille.

Not so fat now, is she? Although we won’t agree with her hand-concealing antics at the Met Ball on Monday night, we’re wholly behind the pregnant beach babe look; because KK totally, and we mean totally rocked it!

Although she’s calmed down the daily gym visits, as any expectant mother naturally would, her stretch-mark free figure, glowing skin and healthy new curves go right against the media-fuelled rumours of severe unhappiness and discomfort with growing Kim was supposedly suffering from.

Could this be a massively liberating leap forward, not just for Kim, but for the entire maternity fraternity? Hitting the beach in a bikini, heavily pregnant, may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but could a move so refreshing by one of the most photographed women in the world prove encouraging for mere mortals like us to let the sand fill the gaps between our toes, while we spend four out of nine months not being able to see them? Kim’s pre-pregnancy shape reflected that of a much wider population; one that doesn’t idolise Victoria’s Secret model levels of skinny, so her pregnant self is clearly the ‘normal’ version we’d like to see of any woman, famous or not.

Although most pictures of Kim in the public domain appear willingly, with her every lens-pleasing pose deliberately delivered, this bikini cover sort of reminds us of the unfortunate events that unfolded when naked pictures of Kate Middleton holidaying in France went viral. Although, hers was a situation far sinister, figure this: If Kate has been bikini clad and photographed at close range whilst pregnant; would we have reacted in the same, oh-thank-god-she’s-normal manner? Famed for her lithe physique, we could have possibly slated her for looking ‘more pregnant’ than she needed to, after having praised her for ‘keeping it together’ whilst she was fully clothed, right?

With that in mind, let’s hope Kim’s revelation (‘scuse the pun) marks the beginning of a more accepting and tolerant attitude towards pregnant celebrities – and women in general – who choose to go against the cover up establishment and proudly show off what nature intended, without being subjected to the sickening and mistaken ‘F’ word. Take that, scheming gossipers and unforgiving camera fiends.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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