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So it’s 2015 and the wedding season is in full swing, with hundreds of blushing brides around the world already tying the knot. But if you’re still planning your 2015 wedding then do not fear, as we have come up with the ultimate guide to wedding wear trends to last you through the year. So what is hot gossip at the moment?


 Detachable Two-Pieces – putting on your wedding dress in one giant heave need not be a worry in 2015, as two piece dresses are becoming quite the hit! It’s not only easier to wear, but they can look simply divine when embellished.

 Off The Shoulder Gowns – we’re not talking your average gown, oh no. We’re talking utterly fabulous and extremely lavish looking gowns that cover your feet. Who doesn’t like to make a glorous entrance, right?

 Sweetheart Necklines – not they these were ever not popular, this new year will see a big rise in the sweetheart neckline department. It’s the kind of neckline that screams femininity and we just love it.

 Grooms Wear

 Mismatched Wedding Suits – with marriage starting young these days it’s no surprise that these younger wedding goers are breaking the mould of matching suits. Besides, it’s not as fun all wearing the same suit is it?

 Tan Is The New Black – black has long been thought to be one of the most flattering colours on any skin type, but now there is a new kid on the block. Tan suits are not only rather dapper but they’ve also got a rather vintage feel to them.

 Uniform Style Suits – it might sound quite bizarre but navy style uniforms have become quite popular among grooms all over the world. Could it have stemmed from the phrase “women like a man in uniform”? We do hope so!

Childrens Wear

Matching Clothing – did you ever look at your mum or dad and think “i’d really like to look like them when i’m older”? We all have at one point, but now children are beginning to wear exactly the same as their parents. Matching clothes used to be thought as overkill, now it just shows how awesome you are.

Pastel Colours For Girls – not your average girly pink and white dresses, we’re talking about pastel colours such as yellow, green, red and even orange. Usually bold colours, dimmed down by the wonder that is pastel.

 Grown Up Suits For Boys – this kind of goes hand in hand with dressing the same as dad, however generally wearing more adult styled clothing has become a big hit. Perhaps we’re hoping that dressing them like an adult will make them act more like one?

Guest Attire

Short & Sophisticated For Younger Women – not too short, but short enough to see those lovely thighs. Also the dresses are less TOWIE and more Made In Chelsea. Showing off thighs over boobs is quite the thing currently and we see that skipping into 2015 too. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

 Bold Suit Dresses For Older Women – smart suits don’t have to just be for work, they can also be for formal occasions too. Except at a wedding you’re allowed to be more bold and wear bright colours to give you that wow factor!

Colourful Suits For Younger Men – as well as being mismatched, the younger men of the wedding crowd are wearing various coloured suits. Matching a green jacket with red trousers and a yellow tie is fine, because it’s adorably quirky.

 Military Style Suits For Older Men – why buy yourself a new suit when you already have one? In 2015 we will see the return of older military uniforms and by god they are already looking simply marvellous. It not only has a vintage feel but also shows your personality.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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