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Fashion wholesalers must concentrate their attention on a range of different outlets in order to gain inspiration and to keep on top of the trends to give the customers what they want. Fashion is a very fast business and trends and styles can change rapidly, depending on both the seasons and customer demands. Fashion powerhouse Zara, for example, only produces half of its seasonal stock and leaves room to respond to the market.

Not all trends will necessarily catch on in retail and wholesale industries and often the client will want more of something or less of something else. Other trends can be incredibly popular and stick around for more than one season. This is something that wholesale fashion suppliers must think about when getting ahead in the fashion industry.

Fashion can be a tricky business and requires a strong attention to detail, especially when producing women’s wholesale fashion. There can be strong influences from a variety of different places that can inspire and push wholesalers in a certain direction, and here are just a few.

Fashion Shows

Possibly the most obvious point of call for anyone working in fashion when it comes to inspiration is the catwalk. Designers across the world showcase their designs and upcoming trends with hundreds of models in fashion shows from Paris to New York, for both summer and winter collections. This could be one of the biggest influences for fashion wholesalers and definitely worth taking note.

Fashion Weeks occur in New York, London, Milan and Paris twice a year, showcasing Autumn/Winter trends and designs around February, and Spring/Summer around September ready for the seasons ahead. This would surely be the Mecca for fashion enthusiasts as high-end designers define the latest developments in fashion months before they are due to hit the shelves.

On top of this there are hundreds of other fashion shows that happen in the interims between the ultimate Fashion Week that should always be a point of call for an update on designs.

Wholesale fashion suppliers should be able to take inspiration from this and adapt it in a way that customers will love; while big time designers are geniuses in their field, some of the catwalk designs are not always wearable for every day.

Celebrity Style

While fashion shows highlight radical changes and innovative designs in the upcoming trends, celebrities are always in the spotlight and are dressed daily by a team of expert stylists. As with the ever-growing popularity of the likes of the Kardashian sisters and as people continue to go into a frenzy over artists like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, the public take note of celebrity style every day and will often try to emulate it.

This is a big pointer for inspiration for women’s wholesale fashion, as social media and entertainment news brings the celebrity closer and closer, the public take notice more and more. Celebrities, due to their expert help in the fashion department, can influence the public hugely and this is something that women’s wholesale fashion suppliers should incorporate into their designs.

Fashion Bloggers

Bloggers across the world have exploded into success and can gain mass followings. With this comes great influence, as many people will use fashion bloggers as their go-to when it comes to choosing what to wear. Wholesale fashion suppliers should utilise blogs and follow fashion bloggers closely on social media to the best of their ability to gain a full perspective of what is being worn. Fashion bloggers are often ahead of the curve and can be a way to bring the catwalk closer to the customer. This is an aspect that is crucial when producing wholesale fashion.

Fashion is forever changing and is an industry that has much room for improvement and development, but it is always important to look to the driving forces of fashion at the top such as the celebrities and designers. This can guarantee a clearer picture of what is to come in terms of trends and therefore is a perfect way for retailers and wholesalers to be on the ball at all times. If you are looking for an expert in this field, look no further than Parisian, the leading supplier in women’s wholesale fashion.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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