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If you dream of one day starting your own personal styling business and want to know where to start, we have devised some expert tips on how to get started. Fashion or personal styling is a very popular profession and the industry is known for being highly competitive. Therefore, having the knowledge of how to take the first steps into starting a profitable business in this highly desirable industry is so valuable. So if you want to stop dreaming and start doing, stay tuned as we give you the rundown of how to build a personal stylist business from the ground up.

Educate yourself

The best way to start your journey to becoming a personal stylist is by undertaking professional training via a personal styling course. There are a number of companies that offer a range of personal styling courses such as the Professional Styling Academy that will help you to build on your existing knowledge of fashion and styling whilst gaining an insight into how the industry works. Many personal styling courses will teach you the basics such as how to dress certain body types and how to dress clients of different ages. Once you have the basics covered you can then move onto improving your knowledge of the styling industry and how to set up a successful business.

Gain relevant experience

The next step to building your business is finding relevant experience in the industry. This could be through completing an internship or even working in a retail environment where you could learn more about personal shopping and client wants and needs when it comes to clothing. Gaining hands-on experience prior to going it alone is invaluable and can help you realign your expectations once you start your own business. Once you begin to gain the correct experience, you should also think about creating a portfolio which will showcase your skills as a professional stylist.


Networking is so important in this industry, so ensure you never turn down an opportunity to mix with like-minded professionals who also work in fashion and styling. There are many benefits to building professional relationships with designers, photographers, similar fashion stylists and any other relevant companies. One of main benefits of networking is that it can often lead to finding more work.

Market yourself

Marketing yourself correctly is an essential part of becoming an independent fashion stylist. It’s important that you gain knowledge of how to market your business and constantly think of new ways to build your brand. Get the word out there about what you do through social media platforms and build an online presence by investing in a website that showcases your business.

Be confident in your ability

It’s important that throughout your journey to becoming a successful fashion stylist, you keep your end goals in mind. There will be times where things do not go as originally planned and you may think about throwing in the towel, but stick with it. Persistence is key! Remember to constantly look for new  ways of gaining new clients, apply for new styling gigs and build your reputation as a stylist.

Hopefully, the above points should help you get your career as a fashion stylist started. It’s important to remember that building a successful business as a fashion stylist can take time, so be patient, work hard and never lose sight of your end goal. All your hard work and dedication will be worth it in the long run when you have achieved the job of your dreams.

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