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The Star of David is an ancient motif that represents a powerful symbol for Judaism. If we take a look back in history we will see the Star of David present everywhere, from architecture to the flag chosen by the State of Israel back in 1948.

The Star of David was also present during one of the biggest tragedies of human kind, the Holocaust. Nevertheless, people found the strength to remember the real significance behind the Star, and this symbol remains a popular one.

The Star of David Jewellery

The Star of David is a popular type of Jewish jewellery and that is because there is profound meaning behind it. People continue to buy items that integrate this motif and it is believed that it brings protection for the wearer.

You can find beautiful Star of David Jewelry that uses the symbol on necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charms and rings that can be worn by both men and women. Each piece is crafted by Israeli designers that pour their own love for their heritage in the precious ornaments.

The shimmering Star of David jewelry can also be spotted on celebrities, and they represent pride for their own celebrities. Britney Spears, Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Bob Geldof and Sarah Palin are just a few of the other celebrities that were seen wearing the Star of David while out in public.

Neuroscientist and actress Mayim Bialik plays one of the most beloved characters in the TV series Big Bang Theory. For her, putting on her Star of David necklace felt like putting on armorand it allowed her to be proud of being Jewish.

Even if you are not Jewish, you can always buy such a piece of jewelry even if it is only as a gift. If you are going to a Bar Mitzvah, or visiting someone who celebrates Hanukkah, a Star of David bracelet can be the ideal gift.

The meaning behind the Star of David

The Star of David has more than one interpretation, but, no matter which interpretation we look at, it continues to be a powerful symbol that protects the wearer. The Jewish Star of David and the Kabbalah one come with meanings that are very similar.

When it comes to the Jewish David Star, also known as Magen David in Hebrew, which translates to Shield of David. The star has 6 sides, each side representing a direction that God watches over: north, south, east, west, up and down. As far as legend goes, it is also believed that the King of Israel himself wore this symbol on his shields.

The Kabbalah is a school of thought that is based on Judaism and also uses the Star of David. In Kabbalah, the two triangles have a special meaning. The triangle that is pointing down represents Gods goodness and blessings that are coming to us. Meanwhile, the other triangle, the one that is pointing up, is a symbol for out good deeds that go up to Heaven. It is believed that the good deeds are the one that determine the flow of goodness. Also, in the Kabbalah, 6 points of the star symbolize the six days of the week and the Sabbath is represented by the center of the Star.


The Star of David is an old symbol and it is believed that it was simply a decorative motif at first. However, in time it became an iconic theme for Judaism and that is how it remains. The Star of David was found on buildings dating back to the 3rd century and it was also mentioned in the Leningrad Codex in 1108, and in the Eshkol haKofer, a text from the 12th century.

The Kabbalah literature from the Middle Ages mentions the Star of David being used as some sort of amulet. Back then, the name of Seal of Solomon was used for the Star. The Star of David also appeared on 13th century coins, which proves that the symbol never disappeared. The symbol was also used in Roman times in Israel and slowly it became a theme for Judaism after it started appearing on synagogues in the 17th century.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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