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If you go on Instagram, you’re sure to notice stunning pictures of kitchens that look too amazing to be true. If you feel that your kitchen is a little outdated and could do with a bit of a makeover, read on for five tips to cure your kitchen envy: 

Try and identify what it is about Instagram pictures that you like so much

 Do pictures of kitchens that you admire have features in common. What is it that you admire so much? The pale grey walls? The feeling of light and openness? The colour of the cabinets? The tastefully displayed houseplants? Highlight specifics that you genuinely love rather than you feel that you should just because they’re currently trending. 

Get creative with copper 

Copper is a beautiful and warm precious metal that has been overlooked in recent decades so perhaps it’s not surprising that copper kitchen accessories are now hugely on trend, whether it’s dark copper or lighter rose-gold tinted hues. Place some statement saucepans or coffee makers against a dark green wall, take some pics, and watch those ‘likes’ start pouring in.  In addition, check the stores for new fancy cookware that is not only useful but is easy on the eyes like these 9 piece chef knife sets.

Forget about fairy lights … 

This year, it’s all about neon letter lights. Hang a word of your choice on a kitchen wall for an artsy Manhattan loft-living look. Perhaps ‘DISCO’, the name of a loved one, or a favourite location? 

Pay attention to flooring 

Kitchen flooring is sometimes overlooked compared to counters and cupboards but getting the flooring right can make a surprising difference to the overall feel of your kitchen space. Amtico vinyl luxury kitchen flooring is well worth checking out for some on-trend choices, such as classic marble, which is currently massive on Instagram right now, and Linear Block which has a highly fashionable thirties feel.

Pay homage to houseplants 

Houseplants in the kitchen, and indeed the rest of the home, are riding high in the Instagram world right now. Odour-absorbing spider plants, although until recently strictly associated with 70s interiors, are making a huge comeback. Why not go the whole hog and make some macramé pot holders to display them in? Aloe vera, barbary fig and zebra cacti are other highly popular plants. Plant herbs in a stylish container on the kitchen window sill for an effortlessly on-trend look that will also come in handy when you are preparing a meal. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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