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Even with a small yet functional bathroom, everyone still needs this space to be as perfect as can be in order to feel comfortable and relaxed. After all, the bathroom is a safe haven in the home where we can forget the outside world for a while and simply be one with our thoughts.

Sure, you might have all the bathroom fixtures, but do you have all the extra bits and pieces that really complete this space to make it cosy and liveable? We’ll list some of the most important bathroom accessories you’ll need to turn a humble bathroom into a veritable oasis. Be ready to get the most out of your bathroom renovation and make it an incredible journey.

Add some quality bathmats and towels

It’s no fun to step out of a lovely, hot bath or shower, only to be greeted by a soggy and dilapidated bathmat. It can really ruin your Zen feeling and put a (literal) dampener on your bathroom time. Upgrade your bathmats to something of high quality and bring in some colourful, fluffy towels that you’ll enjoy being wrapped up in after your bathing time. Small things like this are often the icing on the cake and end up making your day.

Bring in some greenery

You might think that a warm, damp and mostly dark space like a bathroom would mean bad news for any plant, but luckily there are many houseplants that thrive in this space. Ferns, devil’s ivy, aspidistra, and philodendrons are regarded as some of the best houseplants for bathrooms. These will not only help cleanse the air, but bring in some much-needed life and nature into an otherwise uniform space.

Small products that make a big impact

Taking a bath or washing your hands are usually seen as fairly mundane tasks, but when you include some really cool products into the mix, you might end up actually looking forward to them! A bath, for example, can be improved by adding a bath tray to place your coffee and book, and adding some bath bombs is sure to make the experience more fun. Don’t wash your hands with just any old hand soap, but instead find a great scent that speaks to you with antibacterial and moisturising properties… then you’ll be in handwashing heaven.

Don’t just go for white paint

White-painted walls are fairly cliché in the world of bathrooms, but who says you have to follow the pack? A lovely sky blue or forest green would suit your bathroom and make the energy completely different. Colours can have a calming, warming effect on us when chosen correctly, and it’s certainly something you can have a bit of fun with by choosing a daring shade.

Try adding some small furniture

The bathroom doesn’t have to be a place to get in and get out of as fast as possible, but can rather be a room where you can get ready for the day at your own pace (unless there’s another person banging on the door). A small wicker chair is a great addition to any bathroom, as it creates a place where you can relax while painting your nails, apply some body lotion, or simply read a book while your hair dries. Throw in a few scented candles and it’s actually going to be difficult to leave!

Get a shower cubby

Most people will be familiar with a metal shower rack for storing shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, but a new bathroom trend has been to fashion a small indent into the wall to create a shower cubby. This gives you a little shelf to store your bathroom items on, without having to resort to a shower rack that gets in the way or worse, having to place everything on the shower floor.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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