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Online is where it’s at right now. Millions of people are stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, so what else is there to do but shop online for whatever our hearts desire? 

Luckily, there are some great deals to be had. Online sellers are facing stiff competition, and many are slashing their prices to attract new customers. Even luxury brands – which typically turn their noses up at price wars because a high price-point is all part of their allure – are joining in.

If you are a savvy shopper, you can find some amazing designer bargains online. Whether you want a new designer handbag or a designer watch for your partner, we have some great ideas to tempt you.

Read on for a quick glimpse at some of the best deals to be had right now. 


Gucci has long been at the top of the tree when it comes to designer fashion and accessories, but this is a hugely competitive market these days, and Gucci is struggling to stay ahead of the pack. As a result, it’s pretty easy to pick up discounted Gucci products. Look out for iconic Gucci clutches and designer sunglasses, to make the most of what’s left of the summer sunshine. Gucci sneakers are also a good buy, but you need to be fast to score the best deals. 


When it comes to watches, Rolex is the name to watch out for. The Swiss Luxury watch company has a reputation for producing the most expensive watches in the world, which is why they are much sought after by discerning buyers. Look out for the Oyster Perpetual and the DateJust Gold for women, or the Submariner Date and Daytona for men. CHRONEXT has some great deals on the Rolex Submariner. They sell vintage and new watches at very competitive prices. They even have a 14-day return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase. 

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton brand is worth more than $39 billion. If you want a gorgeous bag or some designer luggage for your next trip overseas once travel restrictions are lifted, Louis Vuitton is the place to start. The brand has dropped off slightly in popularity in the last six months, so you can probably find a few bargains if you devote some time to looking online. Visit your favourite designer luxe websites to see what offers they currently have. You never know, you might be able to pick up a Louis Vuitton duffle bag for less than the recommended retail price. 


Ah, who doesn’t love Chanel? This luxury French fashion house sells everything from classic handbags to watches, sneakers and ties. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous ceramic Chanel watch or a classic Chanel tie. Now is a great time to look for deals. Shop around to see what offers you can find. Anything you do buy will stand the test of time, so that lovely purse you snap up is sure to become a vintage collectible item in a few years.  


Dior is one of the most popular luxury goods brands and in recent years, has massively extended its range to include beauty products. You can check out their latest items on their Instagram account, as the brand has placed a big focus on its digital channels in a bid to attract more interest from Millennials. 

There was a time when you wouldn’t find any Dior products in e-stores, but not anymore. Today, you can shop for Dior perfume, lambskin handbags, mini totes, leather sneakers, and sunglasses in many online luxury fashion stores. Since this is a very competitive market, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some deals on Dior goods. 


Giorgio Armani sells three ranges of goods: a high-end selection, a mid-range Emporio Armani, and a range aimed at the youth market, called Armani Exchange. If you want to pick up a new Armani suit or a cool Armani jacket for your teenager, look out for deep sale discounts. The best prices are usually available on end-of-season items or ranges from a previous season. Try visiting your local designer outlet or visit discount designer goods stores to see what is available. Given the popularity of Armani fashion, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some bargains. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent was founded in 1961 and has since risen to extraordinary heights in the fashion world. The brand has diversified in recent years, which has broadened its appeal. The uber-trendy prêt-à-porter collection has introduced the brand to a whole new demographic, and unlike some luxury brands that haven’t embraced the younger market, Yves Saint Laurent has happily moved into many different markets, including luggage, perfume, sneakers, and eyewear. 

Look out for ready-to-wear leather goods and designer sneakers. If YLS is your favourite luxe fashion brand, you may wish to search for coupon deals and sales of last season’s ranges.  


Balenciaga, with head designer Demna Gvasalia in charge, has done extremely well in recent years, in a market where many other luxury fashion brands have struggled. Balenciaga is popular with fashion influencers online. They love the brand’s fashion-forward vibe and bold statement pieces. Balenciaga’s footwear and luxury luggage ranges have proven especially popular, and the Triple-S sneakers are hard to come by. Nevertheless, it is possible to find Balenciaga bargains online if you look hard enough. Sign up for voucher code sites and follow fashion influencers for the inside word on sales and steep discounts. 


Burberry is one of the oldest fashion houses, having been in existence since 1856. Burberry coats are iconic, and no fashion-forward person can afford to miss out on a Burberry trench coat. In recent years, however, the brand has diversified into other areas and is no longer just selling trench coats. You can now shop for Burberry cosmetics and sunglasses, perfume and ready-to-wear clothing, with the brand’s signature patterns still an enduring design. Visit online retailers to see if you can spot some discounted Burberry scarves or Burberry watches. Both are suitable gifts for men and women with a discerning eye for the latest trends.


If luxury designer jewellery is your thing, look no further than everyone’s favourite jeweller, Tiffany. Tiffany was once the store for the rich and famous, but these days, it’s possible for anyone to find luxury jewellery items. The brand has even diversified into other areas, including perfume, stationery, crystals, and water bottles. You can find Tiffany items in Net-A-Porter, a popular online retailer. Sign up for their newsletter to be informed of the latest sales and discount deals. 

Be very careful when shopping for luxury designer goods online. The market for fake goods is huge, with many items originating in the Far East. While some fakes are very easy to spot due to the sub-standard quality of the item and misspellings, others are less easy to spot. If you buy a designer item from a reputable website, you should be fine, but if you buy from an auction site like eBay, be very careful. It is possible to file a chargeback claim against your card provider if the item does turn out to be bogus, but this should only be a last resort. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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