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Walking down the aisles of weddings and events without sparkling jewelry, No Way! Women love jewelry, and on special occasions, they would rather stay put instead of going without it.

Special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and the like inspire women to look like twinkling stars. And jewelry makes that desire come true. In short, it’s essential whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, a host, or a guest.  

However, your adornment may fail if your jewelry doesn’t complement your attire. Hence, it’s vital to choose the perfect pieces to steal the show while looking like the lady of the moment. 

1. Consider the Dress Code and Theme

Your jewelry must go with your dress code and theme. So, you must choose your jewelry wisely. You may opt for formal and traditional ornaments or modern jewelry, depending on different occasions. 

Consider the ambiance of the event. For formal and traditional weddings, sterling silver jewelry, diamond studs, pearl necklaces, etc., would work just fine. It renders a touch of classic adornment. Conversely, for more casual or themed events, explore and experiment with colorful gemstones, layered necklaces, etc.

2. Complement Your Outfit, Not Overpower It

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your attire needs to be complemented by your jewelry. If you’re the bride, ensuring this can be your road to wedding perfection. No matter how exclusive designer attire you wear, pieces of dim ornaments can lessen their attraction. So, perfect jewelry is mandatory to strike a balance between these two.

However, keep an eye on the fact that your jewelry doesn’t overpower your outfit. It’s tricky to come up with such a balanced makeover. A tip-off for this could be opting for more understated or exclusive jewelry to make them go with a highly embellished outfit.

On the contrary, wear bolder jewelry with simple dresses. Thus your jewelry will shine and glint throughout the event, making you look perfectly balanced in your attire. Wear a statement necklace, a cocktail ring, or chandelier earrings to enhance your minimalist outfit.

3. Coordinate Metals with Your Skin Tone

It’s not about your skin tone but how you coordinate your metals with it. Warm, cool, or neutral; you must have one among these three skin undertones. You must choose your jewelry according to the skin undertone you have. 

With warm undertones, metals like yellow or rose gold would go nicely to create a soothing skin tone. Having cool undertones, where blue or pinkish hues reflect more, white gold, platinum, or silver will make you look more stunning. 

Nonetheless, those who’re blessed with neutral undertones can pull off any metal color to go off without worrying too much.

4. Personalize with Birthstones or Zodiac Gems

Women love wearing jewelry, sometimes, lots of them on a single occasion. However, if you aren’t willing to wear too many jewelry pieces, you can still steal the show by adding some alternative gemstones. Birthstones or zodiac gems are one of those jewels to go to in such cases. 

These personalized gemstones have become quite popular these days, and it’s normal to wear them at weddings and events. By wearing these gems, you can show your sentiment meaningfully while mingling with people at the party. Besides, these gemstones carve a unique personality in you, among others. 

You can either wear birthstones alone or mix them with statement jewelry to create a unique sense of attire for the particular event. 

5. Balance Your Jewelry Pieces

Apart from balancing skin tone, outfit, and jewelry, it’s crucial to balance the pieces of jewelry themselves. The sense of balance can make or break your day on a particular event. 

For instance, wearing a layered necklace with statement earrings may not carry your beauty perfectly. In this case, it’s best to put on a simple necklace to keep the contrast right. Similarly, wearing subtle earrings will be a smart move with a bold statement necklace. 

Another vital aspect of balancing jewelry pieces is distributing them across your body. Avoid filling all your ten fingers or less with gemstone rings. It looks odd, if not gaudy. Also, a single nice bracelet enhances your personality instead of covering your wrist with several.

6. Consider the Neckline and Hairstyle

A significant part of your body to consider while wearing jewelry is your neckline. Besides, your hairstyle along that part accounts for your makeover on an event too. In short, your neckline and hairstyle have to be a perfect duo. 

Wear a necklace according to your neckline’s shape to make it a focal point for the guests and audience. If you have a high neckline, wear statement earrings to add a touch of glamor. 

Statement earrings can also be a perfect choice for short hair. Besides, if your hair locks are long and flowing, put on hair accessories like bows, bands, clips, etc., to draw attention to your face and neck. 

7. Be Mindful of Allergies and Sensitivities

Among the wedding jewelry do’s and don’ts, skin condition plays a vital role in wearing metallic jewelry. Wear only those ornaments or gemstones that don’t aggravate any skin conditions like allergies or scabies. Select your jewelry wisely to avoid such embarrassment at an event. 

For instance, nickel alloy in metallic jewelry can increase the risk of allergies. So, be sure of whether your jewelry is coated with such alloy or not. Moreover, wearing hypoallergenic jewelry can save you from allergic reactions. These jewelry are made from titanium, surgical stainless steel, niobium, etc.

Key Takeaways

Enhancing your beauty on a special occasion isn’t about luck, it takes selection and effort of the right jewelry and attire. Also, it’s about making a statement of your personality as you go about meeting new people at the party. 

Hence, choose your jewelry wise, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Sleep well and drink enough water to keep your face and skin fresh. Also, use your instincts to try out exceptional ornaments and gemstones along with statement jewelry. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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