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We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty is pain”, but this isn’t actually the case.

Even if you don’t want to give up your uncomfortably tight bodycon dress, or those epic cowboy boots that won’t stop pinching your toes, you can still bring more comfort to your wardrobe with a few common-sense tips. 

Just take women’s slippers, for instance. They run the gamut, from breezy summer flats to cozy winter slide-ons. Most slippers won’t be as painful as high heels, but you can still watch out for certain aspects of design that could make your life better.

Some form of support is never a bad idea, and the exterior should be sturdy enough to look good even after long-term use. If moisture control is a concern, opt for natural materials over synthetic ones.

That’s how it could work for women’s slippers; what about the rest of the wardrobe, for both women and men? Here are several practical tips on how to incorporate both style and comfort into your daily outfits.

Get a few key pieces tailored

Just because we aren’t talking about sweatpants and hoodies doesn’t mean the clothes can’t be supremely comfortable.

When a pair of pants, a jacket, or a shirt fit your body perfectly, you’ll be able to wear it comfortably for hours. It’s recommended to start with a few key pieces of your wardrobe, particularly clothes that you wear for work (since you’ll get the most use out of them).

Find a tailor with a great reputation, and have them customize some of your clothes. Who knows; once you see how relaxing it feels to wear tailored clothes, you may not want to stop at just a few pieces!

Treat yourself to some special loungewear

For many people, the default “hanging around the house” look revolves around clothes that are so ancient, nobody even remembers where they came from.

While there’s no denying that old clothes do develop a special softness, there’s also something to be said for updating your downtime clothes. It won’t even cost that much either; items like plush socks or ultra-soft fleece pajamas can be found at pretty affordable prices.

Incorporate layers

Unless you live in an exceptionally hot climate, you’ll probably have good reason to wear multiple layers of clothes at some point in the year. For most people, the solution is to wear their regular clothes, plus a jacket or coat.

While this generally gets the job done, it can also leave you in situations where you’re sweating in your coat, but you know you’ll be freezing if you take it off. If you wear just one or two more layers (and make sure that none of them are too heavy), you’ll be able to shed or add them as needed.

Choose breathable fabrics

When in doubt, go for natural materials like cotton or wool. If you’re getting something that’s obviously synthetic, like athletic wear, make sure it’s designed to allow your skin to breathe. This isn’t just about your own comfort; it can also affect the comfort of those around you.

Many synthetic fabrics are known for causing excessive or overly smelly sweat, which is something that most people would prefer to avoid. If you don’t want your clothes to sabotage your efforts to smell good, consider buying items made with natural materials.

Don’t trust the sizing

Vanity sizing can make clothes notoriously hard to choose accurately, especially if you’re shopping online. Plus, even waist sizes can differ from one brand to the next.

While you may be able to tolerate a clothing item that’s slightly too big, one that’s too small could be a completely different story.

If you want to get this down to a science, try measuring your favorite clothes, and compare those to the in-store options. For online purchases, there will often be additional details (such as sizing tips or measurements) that you can refer to.

Have your new shoes stretched

If you haven’t heard of this before, you aren’t the only one; this is more of a niche tip. However, it can absolutely transform the way you feel as you break in a new pair of shoes.

This can be done by a local shoe repair service, or at home with the help of some thick socks. Whatever the case, you’ll be glad you did it as you’re walking around in new shoes that miraculously aren’t giving you blisters.

Remember that “comfy” doesn’t have to mean “sloppy”

No hate to people who love hanging out in the same hoodie they’ve had for the last 12 years, but it’s important to remember that looking good can help with feeling good.

This isn’t to say that you should be dressed to the nines 24/7; however, it doesn’t hurt to invest a little time and effort into a wardrobe that’s both stylish and comfortable.

For example, that old hoodie could be replaced by one that’s made from plush or premium materials, and even includes a cool pattern or color scheme.

Sweatpants can get the same treatment: these infamously slouchy pants will get a makeover once you’re wearing colorful, stylish versions of the old standby.

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Keep your feet happy

Far too many people (especially women) settle for uncomfortable shoes. In some cases, the long-term use of shoes that pinch or squeeze the feet can even cause spinal problems down the line.

Whether you’re concerned about short-term comfort or long-term health, it makes a lot of sense to insist on shoes that make your feet happy.

Don’t talk yourself into purchasing yet another pair of vicious toe-pinchers because “they’re just so cute”, and if you know that the shoes’ awkward design could interfere with a normal gait, give them a miss. It may be hard to pass up so many shoes just because they’d make your feet miserable, but you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

The takeaway

Just because you like looking stylish doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. More consumers than ever are prioritizing wearability over looks, but the good news is that you don’t even have to choose one or the other. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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