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When it comes to personal style, accessories are the secret weapons that can make or break an outfit.

Even the simplest jeans and t-shirt combo can look infinitely more polished with an eye-catching necklace or stack of bangles.

On the flip side, the wrong accessories overwhelm an outfit and leave you looking mismatched.

Finding the perfect accessories to complement your look is an art. Where do you even begin to pull together a cohesive accessorized outfit?

Do you opt for a bold statement piece or minimal accents? How do you keep accessories from competing or blending together?

There’s a fine line between just enough and too much when it comes to accessorizing.

If you struggle with how to accessorize outfits, worry not! The good news is accessorizing becomes much easier once you understand a few basic principles. Follow these 7 tips to seamlessly add the perfect accessories to all your outfits.

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1. Less is More

When in doubt, opt for minimal accessories. Just one or two well-chosen accessories can elevate an outfit without overpowering it.

Stick to one statement accessory as the focal point, such as a bold necklace, large hoop earrings or an eye-catching handbag.

Compliment your statement piece with a simple accessory like small stud earrings or a delicate bracelet. Too many accessories compete for attention and look cluttered.

2. Mix and Match Textures

Play around mixing different textures like leather, metal, wood and fabric. Contrasting textures make accessories more interesting.

For example, pair a metallic handbag with a soft knit scarf. Or team the oversized yet popular Carrera sunglasses at 1001 Optometry with a fitted button-up and slacks

Experiment with combining mattes and shines too. A shiny metal watch looks chic with a matte leather tote bag. Mixing up textures prevents accessories from blending together.

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3. Pay Attention to Proportions

Aim for balance when selecting accessories. Oversized accessories look best with simple outfits, while dainty jewelry suits more intricate looks.

Make sure your accessories fit with the scale of the rest of your outfit. For instance, a giant statement necklace would overwhelm a flutter sleeve blouse.

But it looks perfect with a basic t-shirt or tank. Petite earrings suit a ruffled maxi dress. Always try accessories on to ensure they work with what you’re wearing.

4. Use Scarves Creatively

Scarves offer endless styling possibilities beyond wrapping them around your neck. Drape a colorful scarf through a handbag strap as a pop of color.

Tie a silk scarf around your ponytail for retro flair. Fold a scarf into a headband. Or tie one on as a bracelet.

Stuff a scarf in your pocket or belt loop as an unexpected accent. Scarves come in so many styles, from chic chiffon to cozy knits.

Play around with different ways to incorporate them into your outfits.

5. Invest in Quality Basics

Build your accessory collection around versatile, well-made basics that will last. Look for pieces in classic styles and neutral colors like black, brown, tan or cream.

Quality leather handbags, sturdy metallic jewelry and soft textured scarves remain stylish year after year. You’ll get the most cost per wear by sticking to basics you can mix and match effortlessly.

Splurge on a few forever pieces. Avoid cheap trendy accessories that look dated quickly.

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6. Play with Colors

Use accessories to inject pops of color into your outfits. Look for accessories that complement the color palette of your clothing.

For example, pull out a shade from a patterned blouse or floral dress. Or find an accessory in a contrasting vibrant hue to make your outfit pop.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors. Even neutral outfits become more lively with colorful accessories. Just stick to one brightly hued accessory at a time for balance.

7. Consider the Occasion

Take the occasion into account when selecting accessories.

Casual daytime activities call for simple pieces like jean jackets, crossbody bags and ankle boots. Dress up evening outfits with statement earrings, clutch purses and strappy heels.

Stay away from anything too noisy or jangly for work. Try a structured tote, modest heels and simple jewelry instead. Tailor your accessories to each situation.

Follow the dress code and style customary for the event.

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