Mulberry takes its 40th birthday celebrations across the globe

In the last year, British luxury brand Mulberry has been leading up the celebrations for their 40th birthday – what with its endless parties and commemorative book launch – but now it’s time for the label’s iconic Bayswater bag to do its celebratory bit.

The Bayswater has been a busy bag of late, with the oversized, gold inflatable version of the classic Mulberry shape heading to enviable sunny destinations across the world to commenorate Mulberry’s 40th year in the fashion business.

The oh-so chic bag started its travels at Coachella festival in California in April, but since then has been spotted soaking up the rays with surfers on Bondi Beach down under in Sydney, shopping in the ultra-stylish Milan, and even paying a visit to London’s Natural History Museum.

Future travels are set to take it to the likes of Paris, Korea, the Middle East and the USA this year.

All of the Bayswater’s upcoming travels will be documented on the Mulberry website.

Happy 40th Mulberry!

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