Anya Hindmarch Bathurst Bow Soft Satchel: Yay or Nay?

Anya H Bathhurst

A bag with enough substance to make it a lasting addition to your wardrobe and not just a fleeting fling with fashion is difficult to come by.

The ‘It’ bag has, to a certain extent, plagued every handbag enthusiast’s mind,  turning us towards a hot-right-now mentality to bag shopping, rather than seeking out that exclusive investment that’ll make us look back on these expensive purchases with a sense of pride.

The Bathurst Bow Soft Satchel from veteran investment bag designer, Anya Hindmarch, had us double-taking when we realised its sheer potential for ending up in our wardrobes. Practically proportioned and doused in neutral hues, it appears to be more than just instant eye-candy, luring us in with its multi-purpose exterior.

But before being sold on the Bathurst, we decided to weigh up the reasons we’re saying YAY and NAY to parting with our hard earned (plastic) cash:


Neutral colour: The pale colour-block design is every minimalist’s dream come true, and with two different detachable handle styles, there’s plenty of wardrobe versatility.

2-in-1 bag: If you’re drawn to ladylike bags, Anya Hindmarch is your go-to label. Good news is the Bathurst gives you both: a feminine top handle bag and a practical satchel option.

Spacious: The gusseted sides and roomy suede-lined interior will ensure you can fit in all the essentials, with room to spare.


Stain magnet: We all know, veering into pale/white territory can be as stylish as it can be disastrous. If you’re going to make good daily use of the Bathurst Satchel, the cream exterior may take a stain-ridden battering, frankly leaving you heartbroken.

Price: A luxe investment means coughing up copious amounts of cash, and at £1,567.11, we’re not exactly going to say it’s a satchel at a snip!

Not a day-to-night option: For the money you’ll be pouring into snapping up the Bathurst, getting maximum use out if it will be your top priority. But given its large dimensions and not-so-cocktail appropriate style, it’ll only serve you well until you leave the office. If only there was a concealed, pull-out clutch inside…

Will you be snapping up the Bathurst? Shop the bag here.

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